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SNL Season Finale: 'Stefon,' Kanye West steal spotlight from Affleck (Video)

Posted by Obnoxious Boston Fan  May 18, 2013 11:47 PM

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Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck returned this week to host SNL for the fifth time, but it may have been Stefon and Kayne West who stole the show in the season finale.

You can sum this show up in three words: "Stefon," "Kanye" and "farewell."

Stefon's real-life counterpart, Bill Hader, was making his final appearance as a cast member. His character's appearance was not a surprise, but his wedding was another story.

Stefon gave us a look a head at what's going on in New York this summer. Time to hits "Pants." Stefon's club review ended abruptly after his pal Meyers once again hurt his feelings. The flamboyant critic told Meyers that he was marrying someone else and stormed off the set. But Meyers chased him down - in a filmed segement - and found Stefon about to wed Anderson Cooper with a throng of eclectic guests from his favorites night spots come to life in attendance.

In true "Graduate" style, Meyers broke up the nuptials by slugging Cooper and raced off with his "bride." The new Mr. Seth and Stefon Meyers ended their getaway with a hug at the "Weekend Update" set while being feted with many of the "Weekend Update" regulars including "Drunk Uncle," "Satan" and Arianna Huffington.

During the monologue, viewers got a surprise appearance by Mrs. Affleck, as Mr. Affleck worked for a do-over of his Oscar acceptance speech when he said his marriage was "work."

Jennifer Garner gave her hubby some marriage tips and advice on tact, while Affleck, who had some deep 11:30 p.m. shadow, replied that their "marriage is a work of love." Her assessment was slightly different. "Why don't we go ahead and mention who does all the work?" she said.

Affleck's introduction to the Five Timers Club was a little less splashy than Justin Timberlake's. The Cambridge native got a song from Bobby Moynihan, who was wearing a t-shirt with the number "5" on it.

Affleck labored throughout the show and was caught reading cue cards in several sketches, and not just by his wife tongue-in-cheek in their monologue. It was as if he was a last-minute fill-in or missed a few rehearsals.

West, the musical guest, continued to show the hostile side that resurfaced with last week's paparazzi run-in and yelled into the microphone twice, debuting a pair of new songs off his upcoming album.

He opened with "Black Skinhead," complete in a studded black leather jacket in front of a screen showing barking Dobermans.

Doutbful all the lyrics of his second tune "New Slaves," rapped in front of flashing images of sale tags and a "Not For Sale" sign, made it past the West Coast censors.

West premiered “New Slaves” outdoors on 66 different buildings in 10 cities on Friday. Saturday he said his new album that drops June 18, featuring both songs, will be called "Yeezus." That's also probably something similar to what the NBC censors were yelling after both performances.

The last time I heard the "N" word that many times live was sitting in Section 22 after watching Reggie Jackson's home run in the 1978 Red Sox-Yankees playoff game. But it wasn't the first time viewers heard the "N" word on SNL. It was also half the punch line in the classic "Word Association" sketch from 1975 featuring Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor.

Here's the other half: "Dead honky"

Before Stefon's arrival, departure and return, Amy Poehler stopped by for another segment with "Really? With Seth and Amy" ripping into the IRS scandal.

"The government only keeps you around to make the DMV look good," Poehler said. "You're the president, we expect you to know the ending of "Breaking Bad," added Meyers.

She then helped Meyers finish his report. On David Beckham's retirement, Meyers said: "Now he'll just spend the rest of his life around the house just bending it."

Fred Armisen, who was also reportedly leaving after this season along with Jason Sudeikis, returned as English punk rocker Ian Rubbish and performed "I Had Lovely Night" with Hader and Sudeikis. Jamming with then on stage were Armisen's "Portlandia" co-star Carrie Brownstein, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Aimee Mann, and even Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols.

Among the show's other highlights:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Arimsen) gave us the other side of "Argo" from the Iranian perspective in the HBO documentary "Ben Argo-bleep Yourself."

Ahmadinejad tried his best Boston accent by repeating "park the car in Harvard Yard" before each scene depicting each of Affleck's lies. Affleck even appeared as the sound man. '

Why? "I've longed to appear in a film worse than "Gigli," he said.

If having to attend too many immaculate gay summer weddings is causing stress, you need Xanax For Gay Summer Weddings, featured in a filmed commercial.

"At my wedding, we gave out Cheeze-Its and a mini-bottle of water. Keith and William gave us two tickets to Italy and $40,000." And the pastels were perfect.

The cold opening found Al Sharpton having a little problem straightening out Mitch McConnell and Matthew McConaughey as MSNBC went all-out reporting on the IRS scandal. Hader looked hilarious as a Tea Party member in full-blown Colonial garb.

The show failed to hit the astronomically high expectations it sparked on the Interwebs this past week. Overall, the 38th season of the show offered a few highs, multiple lows and way too many in-betweens.

Expect much change in the offseason.

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