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SNL Video: Jay-Z, star-studded lineup joins 5 Timer host Justin Timberlake

Posted by Obnoxious Boston Fan  March 9, 2013 11:20 PM

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Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z have added a second show on Aug. 11 during their 2013 "Legends of the Summer" tour stop at Fenway Park.

But before that tour, he had one last stop as host of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this week as he joined the shows famous "Five Timers Club."

The first JT-Jay-Z show at Fenway Park, set for Aug. 10, has already sold out. Maybe by then, David Ortiz will be able to run all the way to third base.

That's also proof positive that the only sellouts this season after opening day will be the result of continued front-office hocus pocus, country star Jason Aldean or this pair of pop/rap music icons.

Tickets to see Timberlake and Jay-Z in person at Fenway Park start at $64.50 for "limited view" seats in Section 4B and range up to $225. People who tuned into NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this week got to see them perform for free together.

Timberlake and Jay-Z whetted the appetite of his summer tour audience with a soulful and power-packed performance of "Suit and Tie." And there was no lip-syncing from Mr. Carter.

And there was no shortage of SNL all-stars on the field this week as Timberlake was joined by the likes of Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Andy Samberg throughout the evening. Too bad the Red Sox won't produce a rotation that strong this season.

Hopes were high for Timberlake to deliver big-time this week - a fact he noted in his monologue. And Timberlake did not disappoint. The first hour of the show, plus his two musical performances, were more than enough to balance the final 30 minutes, which still delivered a nice surprise with a plug for one of NBC's upcoming shows. The episode allowed Timberlake to demonstrate throughout his best-in-the-business ability to simultaneously combine comedy, acting and musical skills. He's come a long way from the all-new "Mickey Mouse Club." Britney and Christina, not so much.

There were many laugh-out-loud moments and some classic SNL odes to its past success, including the return of those horny "wild and crazy" Czech brothers. Samberg appeared in a couple of sketches and got more air time than some of the regulars this week. It appears he's still well within Lorne Michaels' good graces.

Among the others joining Timberlake in the historic "Five Timers Club" on this week's show were Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Paul Simon - and via portraits in the club - Drew Barrymore and John Goodman.

Timberlake's monologue turned into a live intro in the club, and featured Martin, Simon and Chase. Their appearance morphed into a mini "Three Amigos" reunion. The three returned later in the show in "Amigos" attire to introduce Timberlake's second song of the night - "Mirrors."

Hanks and Baldwin also stopped by the monologue join in on the fun to watch a cast member fight between Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam.

"I always thought if an NSYNC member ever made the "Five Timers Club" it would be Joey Fatone," Martin said. Original cast member Aykroyd, who has only hosted once, was working as a down-on-his-luck bartender. Chase, currently starring in "Community", also stopped by to eat. He was an original "Not Ready for Prime Time Player" who made his comedic bones playing President Gerald Ford and anchoring "Weekend Update" before he showed up at Bushwood Country Club and eventually played "Fletch."

Meanwhile, Bergen reminded her fellow "Five Timers" to leave the toilet seat down.

Check out this clip of Hanks joining the "Five Timers Club" from 1990, which includes a very young and fresh-faced Conan O'Brien helping Hanks on with his special "Five Timers" jacket. Martin and Simon teach him the special handshake.

Martin hinted at what was coming with this Tweet on Friday:

The episode scored huge laughs when Timberlake and his singing "brother" Samberg appeared as bachelor contestants on "It's a Date" in "Lonely Island" character.

They vied for Vanessa Bayer's hand against Martin and Aykroyd, who reunited as Czech brothers Georg and Yortuk Festrunk, those "two wild and crazy guys."

Their perfect date: "We will have many bottles of sparkling wine from Long Island ... and we'll want to spend the night with your big American breasts." They added, "You can't miss our bulges." While Yortuk has maintained his slim physique over the past 37 years, Georg has put on more than a few kilograms.

The two pairs were also up against Moynihan, who was alone and had no chance.

Samberg and Timberlake sang their answers, saying their perfect night-in includes time lying in bed watching Duck Tales. They also offered this answer to their favorite season of the year: "Girls can't get pregnant in the summer time ... science."

The group eventually became "four wild and crazy guys and Judy."

This week's show definitely earned its TV-14 rating. The ancient debauchery and drinking stopped as Timberlake played a repentant Roman emperor Caligula. He was sobered up and tried to straighten out his friends and fellow former revelers but eventually fell prey to his old desires. Timberlake later played a porn star in a Moet and Chandon champagne commercial with pair of somewhat unintelligible female adult film veterans.

Timberlake and Nasim Pedrad "starred" in an upcoming NBC's show about a young couple in love. Unfortunately, for Timberlake, he's found the woman who has everything. And we mean, everything. The show's title gives it away: "She's got a D!%k."

The trio of Kate McKinnon, Bayer and Cecily Strong teamed up to pitch the diamond studded birth-control device "NuvaBling," which is "70 percent effective in preventing pregnancy" but 100 percent effective in "getting dat sawg on." And women can re-use it each month as jewelry!

Timberlake's "Homelessville" Christmas-season singing character was reprized as vegetarian-hawking "Veganville" dance machine who did his best to torment the poor soul (Moynihan) from Sausage Depot. "Bring it on down to Veganville." He even got one last laugh out of the "Harlem Shake."

Old pal Stefon (Bill Hader) stopped by the "Weekend Update" desk to give us an update of what's happening on the Manhattan night scene for spring break visitors. Among New York's hottest night clubs is "Your Mother and I Are Separating." Stefan also provided a memorable interpretation of what Donald Duck would sound like "having a Vietnamese nightmare."

"Maine Justice" was handed out in a sketch that featured Samberg and McKinnon as the litigants and Timberlake as a bailiff. The characters - except for Samberg - sounded more like residents of Baton Rouge than Bangor, which was allegedly the joke. It didn't work.

Timberlake got multiple laughs in the cold opening with an appearance as Elton John performing at the funeral of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and singing "Candle In The Wind" with some special lyrics tailored just for Chavez. Citing some actual facts, he sang: "Goodbye, Hugo C ... you helped to make your country the kidnapping capital of the world ... and once said 'Capitalism Killed Mars.'"

Timberlake had a long history on SNL with some classic musical and comedic bits. Timberlake's "20/20" album drops a week from Tuesday (March 19).

"Identity Thief" star Melissa McCarthy, who killed it during her first time as host in 2011, will host when the show returns live on April 6 with musical guest Phoenix.

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