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Our united nation knows no boundaries

Posted by Obnoxious Boston Fan  September 6, 2011 08:00 AM

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Decades of “Why Us?” became a decade of “Why Not Us?”

The question now: “Why stop?”

When the Bruins delivered Boston's 7th title of the 3rd millenium in June, we went bananas. The Stanley Cup was the fourth piece in a giant puzzle. We’ve had our Summer of Love with the Cup (more on that in a few days). We also had a blast ranking the titles and driving everyone else crazy in the process. And we still love the fact that Boston got its Grand Slam in just 6 years. It took New Yorkers 11 years to get their quickest back in the day (Jets, Knicks, Yankees and Islanders) and they needed nearly twice as many teams to do it.

bradyglobe.jpgMy favorite championship will always be – to quote Tom Brady“the next one.” There’s no reason Boston fans should let up. Forget the absurdity of Philly columnists or New Yorkers calling us “obnoxious.”

Here’s the point – we’ve always been obnoxious. Without apologies. "Tell me why I don't like Mondays?" Usually because the Pats choked on Sunday. When the Sox lose at night, my morning Cap'n Crunch tastes like All-Bran. Any game can be the end of the world – especially when you shell out $85 or $150 to go to Fenway or the Garden. (Or $76 at Tropicana Field.) The intensity is constant – win or lose. And that ticks off people.

We don’t need to go to back to Tony Perez's moon-shot off Bill Lee, “too many men on the ice” or that ridiculous roughing-the-passer-vindicated-by-the-tuck-rule call against Ray Hamilton to feel our pain.

pitinoglobe.jpgNo, in just the past 20 years, Boston fans endured the days of Jozef Stumpel skating around a half-empty Shawmut/Fleet Center, Rick Pitino’s Celtics, Scott Cooper being the lone member of the Red Sox on the All-Star Team, Manager Butch Hobson, the almost-Hartford Patriots and Drew Bledsoe being the best argument we had against claiming superiority over New York.

And we do not want to go back – ever.

That’s where our blog comes in. Sure, I’ll be wearing my Tim Thomas No. 30 Stanley Cup championship t-shirt and Bruins shorts to bed each night for a year – or least until the Patriots win another playoff game. But since the Duckboats rolled into Fenway on Father's Day, have you stopped cursing each blown lead or stranded runner at third? I haven’t. Have you figured out how many new seats the Sox will have to build in Cambridge to cover the cost of Jacoby Ellsbury’s next contract? I can't. (I was never good at math). Did you feel like Fred Sanford having "The Big One" when Carl Crawford hit that grand slam Saturday? I did.

ticket1975.jpgA quick bio. I’m a Greater Boston native who first visited Fenway at age 5 and watched the Red Sox lose the World Series in person at age 10. My childhood was further traumatized by terrific seats behind the plate on Oct. 2, 1978. I saw Bird steal the ball, the lights go out in the Garden and the Pats win the Super Bowl in Jacksonville. My family ties are wound across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Doc Rivers and I even attended the same college at the same time (he was bit more athletic). And there was at least one New England fan at Soldier Field when the 1985 Pats lost to the Bears 20-7 in the Super Bowl XX prequel. My career eventually landed me in Florida. But my allegiance never wavered.

Enough about me. This is 2011 - and if your heart is in it - geography is trumped by technology. A community that once stretched from Bangor to Burlington to Pittsfield to Waterbury and across to Nantucket is now open to anyone on Earth and space with internet access.

Our plan here is simple: let loose and have fun. We’ll go nuts but not take ourselves too seriously. We don’t know what’s going to happen but check us out when it does. We’ll have lots of bells and whistles along the way – so you have to come back every day to see what’s next. If you want in-depth commentary and cerebral prose – please visit the following site: www.anywherebuthere.com. Stuff’s going to happen and we’ll have plenty to say about it. But this is just the first word – not the last. You are a big part of this. Everything is fair game - myself included - but keep it clean and non-violent. And don't forget the positive, we won't.

As part of our double-your-money-back guarantee is a "no plagiarism" policy. If we see something we like and use it, we'll give credit (usually via a link). But there are a ton of great Boston sports blogs (see the blogroll to my right for a sample), talented writers and excellent media sites out there. Not to mention 2 major sports-talk-radio stations and 2 all-sports-cable channels serving Boston - plus ESPN. No one can read, listen to or watch them all, all the time. So if we miss something, let us know. If you saw it - that doesn't necessarily mean we did, too.

We'll want your opinion and input on a lot of topics. Join us – here, on Facebook, twitter (@realOBF) and, for those stuck back in the stone age of the 2000s – via e-mail. And don’t forget to check our website: www.obnoxiousbostonfan.com for a look at the stuff in our archive.

kennethsimsgetty.jpgToday in Boston Sports Misery: Sept. 6, 1981 - 30 years ago today, the Patriots lost 29-28 to the Colts on their way to a 2-14 season. That epic campaign netted them No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft - which they used on Kenneth Sims. The DE from Texas finished with a grand total of 17 sacks in 8 seasons. And you thought Laurence Maroney was a bust.

It's time for our first weekly "Fan Feedback" topic. Today, we ask: "Who Should Win Our First Annual Negative 10th Player Award?" J.D. Drew? Carl Crawford? Dice-K? John Lackey? Theo? Post your responses here, on our Obnoxious Boston Fan Facebook page or e-mail them to me at obnoxiousbostonfan@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading. Pass the clicker.


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