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Giant Spread Against Knicks a Fond Reminder of Celtics Good Old Days


So when did the Celtics become title contenders again?

Actually, they haven't. They're a fringe playoff team in the woeful east as a best case scenario. But take a look at the line for Wednesday night's home game against the New York Knicks and you might think we've time traveled back to the days of the new Big Three.

That's right. Your Boston Celtics, checking in at 12 games under .500, are a double-digit favorite. Of course, this speaks less to the prowess of the Green Team than it does to the laughable Knicks, who have 10 wins all year, are starting guys with names like Langston Galloway and Quincy Acy, have been called out on Twitter for their sheer incompetence by their own boss as recently as last weekend and are just counting the minutes until yet another waste of a season ends.

But still, it's kind of fun to see the Celts getting that kind of respect, isn't it? Any chance to hearken back to the glory days of 2008-2012 should be appreciated.

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