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Watch: Kevin Garnett Blows in David West's Ear, Draws Technical Foul

kevin garnett david west.jpg
Keving Garnett drew the ire of Indiana's David West on Saturday after pulling a "Lance Stephenson" by blowing in West's ear. Seth Wenig/AP

Even in his 20th season, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to get under the skin of opponents.

The latest example of Garnett's aggression came Saturday night when the 38-year-old turned his attention to Pacers power forward David West. Garnett aggressively blew in West's ear in the first quarter of game action between the Nets and Pacers at the Barclays Center. As the video shows, West was not pleased by the maneuver, shoving Garnett away and earning himself a technical foul.

Garnett's antics brought back memories of Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron James' ear last postseason. West, however, had a different response than James to the move.

Between this move, and playfully attempting to bite Bulls center Joakim Noah during a game earlier this season, it's been a banner year for Garnett's hijinks on the court.

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