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Doc Rivers Speaks for All Celtics Fans on the Subject of Paul Pierce

Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

In their nine seasons together in Boston, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers ran the gamut of every conceivable emotion a coach/star tandem can. You could make the argument that there is no coach in the NBA who knows the former Celtics' star and all-time great better than Doc.

That's why when Doc, now the head honcho with the L.A. Clippers, was asked about Pierce in regard to the Truth's Sunday return to Boston as a member of the Washington Wizards, he simply said what all Celtics' fans already know in their hearts.

ďHeís a Celtic playing for other teams," Rivers told The Washington Post. "Thatís exactly the way I look at Paul. Iíll never look at him as a Wizard. Thatís just not going to happen. Heís just a Celtic playing for the Wizards and we all know that.Ē

Well put. And while he might not say so out loud, it's a safe bet that Pierce himself would agree 100 percent.

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