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Rajon Rondo Dismisses Trampoline Speculation at Celtics Media Day

WALTHAM – Rajon Rondo addressed the media Monday afternoon at the Celtics practice facility in Waltham for the first time since breaking a bone in his left hand following a fall at his home last week.

Despite facing a healthy amount of skepticism about the reported cause of the hand injury (falling in the shower), the point guard provided a detailed explanation of how the injury occurred to reporters at the team's media day.

“Late Thursday night, I had a fall in my home,” Rondo confirmed. Upon further questioning about the injury, the Celtics captain playfully asked a reporter, “Am I under investigation?” before describing the nature of the fall.

“Certain falls happen and you slip,” Rondo said. “I slipped and tried to catch my hand. It wasn’t like a banana [peel] slip. I actually almost caught myself. I landed on my knuckle in the windowsill of my home. That’s what happened.”

The 27-year-old also downplayed the speculation that the injury may have occurred at a local trampoline park he was spotted at last Thursday night.

“My daughter’s birthday was last Wednesday. I think the video that got out was of me at the trampoline park on Tuesday. I took my daughter, who had a birthday that week, to a trampoline park Tuesday. Sky Zone, I think. I did jump. I learned some new tricks with my daughter, had a lot of fun."

Rondo continued: “Thursday came, I took my kids back to a trampoline park in Billerica. [The workers] there were really nice, they let me in for free, so that was good. Then I went home, and that’s when the incident happened. It didn’t happen at the trampoline place.”

Danny Ainge said the team has no doubts about Rondo’s story.

“I went to visit Rondo at his home the other day. I have no reason not to believe Rajon. I’ve been with him for eight years and he’s never lied to me that I’m aware of.”

The point guard explained that he didn’t know for sure right away whether he had broken a bone when the fall occurred, but still didn’t wait long to call Celtics trainer Ed Lacerte on Thursday night.

“I was telling myself it wasn’t broken, but I thought it was. I tried to grab some things at night [to test it]...I waited about 30 minutes to make the call to Ed,” Rondo said

After talking with Lacerte, Rondo headed to New England Baptist Hospital Friday morning, where an X-ray revealed the break of the third metacarpal in his left hand. He underwent surgery at 11 a.m. Friday morning.

So how much time will Rondo miss with the injury exactly?

“They are telling me ten weeks. Some doctors say eight [weeks], but since Dr. McKeon claims to be the best surgeon, he thinks I’ll be back pretty quickly,” Rondo said.

Ainge followed up Rondo’s hopeful approach with a more guarded attitude.

“We will be very cautious with him,” Ainge warned. “I think a lot of people underestimate how much you use your left hand, not just dribbling and passing, he uses it a lot. We want to be careful and make sure there’s nothing long-term there.”

Despite the fact Rondo may miss up to the first 15 games of the regular season with the injury, the longest tenured Celtic remained optimistic about the months ahead.

“Coming off an ACL last year, I didn’t get to play a full season," Rondo explained. A lot of people are doubting me and doubting this team. I’ve always enjoyed being the underdog. What people say doesn’t really matter to me. I have high expectations for myself. I’m pretty sure I’m the hardest critic of myself, so I’ll go out there and do what I do best: play the game.”

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