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Doug McDermott Calls Larry Bird Sports Illustrated Cover 'Crazy'


Creighton forward Doug McDermott worked out for the Celtics Thursday in Waltham, one of six players to work out for the team ahead of the NBA Draft on June 26.

McDermott lit up the NCAA during his senior season, averaging 26.7 points on 52.6 percent shooting. Sports Illustrated was so smitten with McDermott that it put him on the cover of the NCAA Tournament preview issue. While that would hardly raise an eyebrow, the fact that the cover was a flashback to a Nov. 28, 1977 cover of Indiana State's Larry Bird raised a few eyebrows. That cover called Bird, “College Basketball’s Secret Weapon,”

“I thought they were crazy,” McDermott said Thursday of the cover. “I didn’t want to disrespect Larry like that. But I think it was a cool idea just to show some people that were around in that time maybe just a flash to the past. I’m glad I was the one chosen to do that, but obviously there’s never going to be another Larry Bird. But it’s cool to just kind of have a tribute to him with that cover."

"It’s really not fair,” he added. “I don’t think you can compare anyone to Larry Bird."

h/t NESN

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