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Celtics Draft Prospect Aaron Gordon in 10 GIFs


Get ready to talk yourself into the Celtics drafting Aaron Gordon. Boston is reportedly "locked in" on taking the former Arizona forward with the No. 6 pick in the NBA Draft, and while nothing is ever certain with Danny Ainge, the freakishly athletic Gordon is definitely a strong contender to rock the green next season. What will Boston be getting if they draft Gordon? Here's our 10 GIF explainer:

1) Dunks

Oh, so many dunks.

Alley-oop dunks:

Coast-to-coast dunks:

Put back dunks:

Solid High Post Play

Gordon's offensive game isn't limited to his high-flying act. He can score pretty well from the high post, as shown here:


He still has room to improve, but Gordon knows how to dish the rock:


Gordon is a strong, smart defender. Although he played down low in college, he showed off an ability to cover guards and wings on the perimeter:

And he's agile in the pick-and-roll, a must for NBA bigs:


Okay, calm down a tad. Gordon is a beast, but here he is shooting free throws:

He shot 42 percent from the line during his year at Arizona. That's atrocious. Thankfully for Gordon, his shot isn't broken. His release is slow, but his mechanics don't suck. With a lot work, his free-throw shooting and mid-range ability can improve.

His low post game is also very raw:

Gordon has gotten a lot of Blake Griffin comparisons, and they're warranted. Griffin got most of his points in the paint in college, but used his size and athleticism rather than skill to do so. He also couldn't shoot all that well, despite decent mechanics. So Griffin, or a few steps below Griffin, is the absolute best-case scenario for Gordon. He also has a little Shawn Marion in him. The worst-case scenario? Probably a Kenneth Faried type.

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