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Celtics Mailbag: Gauging expectations

Posted by Gary Dzen, Boston.com Staff  August 19, 2013 10:21 AM

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Which players will be the "Iron Men" , (playing over 75 games in the regular season),on this Celtic team?
Bon, Pahala, Hawaii

Tough to predict injuries and such, Bon, but I can see the Celtics running Green and Avery Bradley into the ground. They'll play a ton.

I heard a rumor about the Celtics pursuing Paul George in next year's free agency. How much better do you think the Celtics will be with a player like him and if the Celtics are good this year, do you see us getting better in free agency as opposed to the draft?
Stephen, Taunton

Why were the Celtics not able to attract big time free agents during Doc Rivers' tenure? Will this change over the next few years under the new coach? Thanks.
Ed, Washington Township, N.J.

Two related questions. Related to a previous answer, the Celtics didn't have much room on the books to add big-name free agents in recent seasons. But when Rivers arrived, the team wasn't very good, and that didn't help matters much, either. I've heard the cold weather blamed for free agents not wanting to come here, but I attribute the recent streak to a combination of factors, ranging from the makeup of the team to the salary cap. The fact that the Celtics are almost always competing for a playoff spot means they rarely have one offseason when they've got a ton of money to throw around. It hasn't happened recently, but that doesn't mean it can't. The way the roster is shaping up, it looks like the Celtics may be gearing up for a run at a big player in the next season or two.

Do you think Humphries will be the starting center, and how does he project at the role?
Jack, Mims Fla.

Humphries is as good a choice to start at center as anyone, Jack. The position is up in the air right now, and Humphries is a solid rebounder and decent scorer. I like the idea of giving Jared Sullinger a lot of minutes, but he and Humphries seem to be somewhat redundant. Both are undersized for the five. Can they play next to each other? Seems like it would be hard to make that work.

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