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Game 1, Hawks 83-Celtics 74

Posted by Amalie Benjamin  April 29, 2012 07:04 PM

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End game, Hawks 83, Celtics 74 -- That's it for tonight from Atlanta, as the streamers rain down.

Fourth quarter, :41, Hawks 78, Celtics 74 -- The Celtics had closed the Hawks lead to 4 points, but then things came apart a bit. The Celtics clearly thought that was a jump ball, which led to Rondo bumping a ref. Rondo was ejected quickly.

That was not only a horrible display by Rondo with 41 seconds to go, it was also poorly timed and might have lasting consequences. Rondo could be suspended for that, which would be a killer for the Celtics.

Fourth quarter, 3:05, Hawks 76, Celtics 68 Leaving Jeff Teague open for three was apparently a bad idea. Deficit went from 5 to 8 points.

Fourth quarter, 5:19, Hawks 71, Celtics 65 -- Somehow, someway, the Celtics have cut the lead to 6 points on two KG free throws. That seems impossible, but it's what the scoreboard reads.

Fourth quarter, 7:09, Hawks 71, Celtics 59 -- Now that was a bad moment. Three Celtics were under the basket for a rebound, and somehow Tracy McGrady was able to come up with the rebound and the dunk.

Fourth quarter, 9:14, Hawks 67, Celtics 59 -- Well, there it is, folks. Finally. The Celtics had plenty of chances to cut the lead to less than 10 points, and they were finally able to convert. The lead is now 8 points with nine minutes to play and the Celtics fans in the building have started to get a wee bit louder.

End of the third quarter, Hawks 65, Celtics 53 -- Every time the Celtics could cut the score to a reasonable amount, they seem to miss a shot. It happened again at the end of the third quarter, when the Celtics could have finished the quarter down by 10. But, once again, Boston missed shots. The team can't see to cut it beyond 10 or 12 points.

Third quarter, 2:27, Hawks 64, Celtics 49 -- The Celtics just can't make a shot. It's 4 for 12 from Pierce, 3 for 12 from KG, and 4 for 12 from Bradley. That's not going to get it done.

Third quarter, 5:16, Hawks 60, Celtics 45 -- Kirk Hinrich keeps making those dagger threes (while the Celtics have yet to make a three at all), and Boston can't get the lead under 10 points.

Third quarter, 10:08, Hawks 52, Celtics 39 -- Rajon Rondo-to-KG for the dunk starts the quarter out well for the Celtics. Bass follows with his first shot attempt (and make) of the game. Of course, the Kirk Hinrich three takes a bit of the excitement away from the Celtics fans in the crowd.

Halftime, Hawks 49, Celtics 35 -- Some notable stats from the first half. Brandon Bass didn't attempt a shot. Bradley and KG went a combined 4 for 19 from the field. Josh Smith had 15 points and 11 rebounds. Rajon Rondo had just four assists, though leads the team with 12 points. The Celtics didn't make a three. The Hawils outrebounded the Celtics, 26-18. The Celtics have yet to lead even once. The Hawks' biggest lead was 19 points.

Halftime, Hawks 49, Celtics 35 -- It's a 14-point deficit for the Celtics at halftime, though it seems like it should be a lot larger than that. Boston missed a couple of shots at the end, by Avery Bradley and KG, which could have cut that lead further. But, to win this game, a different Celtics team needs to come out of the locker room. The Celtics shot just 37 percent in the half, to Atlanta's 49 percent.

Second quarter, 1:20, Hawks 46, Celtics 35 -- That's 8 straight points for the Celtics, who have cut the lead to 11.

Second quarter, 3:12, Hawks 46, Celtics 27 -- There's a timeout, and Philips Arena is jumping. Josh Smith leads the Hawks with 13 points and eight rebounds, and Joe Johnson has 9 points. The Celtics are being outrebounded 22-15.

Second quarter, 4:28, Hawks 44, Celtics 25 -- The lead is up to 19, with the Celtics shooting 36 percent from the floor. That's not going to get it done against a Hawks team that looks rested and ready to go. KG is 1 for 8 from the field.

Second quarter, 6:30, Hawks 40, Celtics 25 -- And the lead is back up to 15 points.

Second quarter, 9:24, Hawks 33, Celtics 24 -- The Celtics cut the deficit to 10 points on a drive to the basket by Keyon Dooling. Boston has looked a touch better in the first few minutes of the second quarter. Of course, the team looked pretty bad in the first quarter.

Second quarter, 10:20, Hawks 33, Celtics 20 -- Paul Pierce is back in the game, and doesn't seem to be having trouble with the knee that he hit in the last quarter.

End of the first quarter, Hawks 31, Celtics 18 -- It's been a horrendous quarter for the Celtics, who simply haven't executed on the offensive end. They have, meanwhile, allowed the Hawks to shoot 12 for 22. They've been outshot and outrebounded, as the lead got as high as 17 points (29-12). Kevin Garnett was one of the worst offenders for the Celtics, shooting 1-for-7 in the quarter. That's not going to get it done for Boston.

First quarter, 3:15 Hawks 25, Celtics 12 -- It's a 13-point lead for Atlanta, and the Celtics just do not look like they're in rhythm at all. Paul Pierce just came off the court limping slightly after appearing to hit his knee. He's now sitting on the bench.

First quarter, 6:50, Hawks 20, Celtics 6 -- The Hawks have started out 8 of 11 from the floor, including three 3-pointers. That kind of shooting won't last, but the Celtics also have to mount some sort of offense -- and soon.

First quarter, 7:05, Hawks 18, Celtics 6 -- The Hawks are out to a quick lead, and the Celtics haven't helped themselves by missing shots. Kirk Hinrich has two 3-pointers to lead the Hawks with 6 points, and the crowd is really getting into it, despite a number of empty seats.

Pregame -- Much of the talk before tonight's game has been about who won't be on the court. Ray Allen is out for Game 1 for the Celtics, and Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford won't play for the Hawks. That leaves the Hawks without their top two centers, and it leaves the Celtics without their best shooter. It also makes the continued impressive play of Avery Bradley all the more important for Boston.

We just got through the national anthem, and the starters are being announced right now. Lots of boos for the Celtics.

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