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Allen: Potential lockout could cost games

Posted by Julian Benbow, Globe Staff  June 16, 2011 06:32 PM

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On seeing the Bruins win the Stanley Cup:
As much as I was happy for them, there was a bit of anger that I had, because I would pretty much imaging if you didn’t feel that way as an athlete that’s something we always shoot for, reaching that height.

I’m extremely happy for them for what they’ve done for Boston. When you see it from the other side, you see how much bigger it is than just yourself. You see how many people are rooting for you. Sometimes when we’re on our own little path, our own little journey, we forget the intensity of the moment.

No matter how egotistical we may be or how insular we may be, these moments are so much bigger than us.

The feeling of winning a title in Boston:
When we won in 08 it was like making it all the way up to that mountain top. Each person had to take a moment to reflect back on their career and what this meant to each one of us. But at the same time, being in Boston made it that much more glamorous, being able to do what we did and the history of this franchise. I think watching the Bruins win from the other side, being in this city and being a fan you understand the enormity of the situation. It does help you move forward.

Did you watch the finals?
I stayed away from them. I was watching on my phone. I was in North Carolina. I didn’t want to watch, but when I knew the [Mavericks] were up by 10 in the fourth quarter, I turned it on. We had the house full, I was at my sister’s house. Everybody knew that I didn’t want to watch, so they honored me. The TV was on some movie. So when they were up 10, I was like, ‘Put it on the game.’ Everybody was like, ‘No, don’t put it on the game, because then you’re going to jinx them.’ But they ended up pulling it out.

You sense the unselfishness on their team. Teams that always win, they say the right things. With Dirk and J-Kidd and Jason Terry, it seemed like each one of those guys at any moment shined through for them and helped them win games, and they knew what their roles were.

On the feeling that the Celtics were as good as Dallas or Miami:
That’s why it was so disappointing. Watching the Eastern Conference Finals, just knowing that we’re still, in my opinion, better than most of those teams that played. We lost to Dallas twice this year, but we still liked our chances against them. It was just us playing our best basketball. A kid asked me earlier who was our toughest opponent we had to face this year, and I said it was ourselves.

On coming off the bench:
To me, however I can help the team, it’ll figure itself out. One thing with regards to Jeff is whatever I can do to make him better and to push him to play the best he can ... it’s weird that guys have always looked at it like coming off the bench has been such a bad thing bad. I know we went through the situation with Iverson, he didn’t want to come off the bench. But you’re always worried more about who finishes games but more importantly, when you’re on a winning team, winning the game is the ultimate objective. That’s my primary concern. I want to win. I looked at our record this year, it was sad that we didn’t get to 60 wins. We should have had 60 wins, based on the games we lost.

On LeBron James's statements after Game 6:
He suffered a lot of criticism all year and the best thing for him to do is to always take the high road. It’s not necessarily about what you did and what you didn’t do, but he’s gotten criticism based on what he did last summer. What I liked the most about what happened, I appreciate what Jason Kidd went through to get to where he was and win the championship. I’m sure he’s still celebrating. But it goes to show you that with teams you never win with one guy. It’s a group effort. You look at JJ Barea, Tyson Chandler, those guys were instrumental in a lot of games. That’s what you want to aspire to is being a part of a team like that where everybody’s on the same page, everybody sets their ego aside and says we’ll do what we have to do.

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