Dan Shaughnessy

He’s found spot in a pickup game

By Dan Shaughnessy
Globe Columnist / March 22, 2011

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Picked-up pieces while vacuuming the carpet after a weekend of eating popcorn and watching more than 50 college basketball games in the basement mancave . . .

Patriots season ticket-holders are in a tough spot. They must renew by March 31 or risk losing them. The New York Giants, meanwhile, have announced that they will not require fans to make payments until the lockout ends.

Here’s the reaction from Stacey James, longtime Patriots publicist: “I would hope no one would compare our season ticket payment policies to those of any team that utilizes Personal Seat Licenses. PSLs are significant financial commitments that can cost a season ticket holder up to $20,000 per seat up front and essentially provide assurance of renewals. Gillette Stadium was privately financed and Patriots season ticket holders were never taxed with the financial burden of PSLs. We remain hopeful and optimistic that the 2011 season will be played as scheduled. If the league makes any adjustment to the 2011 season, we will adjust accordingly. If those changes result in the cancellation of games, we will refund our season ticket holders, with interest. Until then, we are maintaining the same fulfillment schedule that we have used for the past 10 years. We look forward to the NFL Draft and will continue to prepare for the upcoming season.’’

James also pointed out that “not every team is paying interest on their refunds.’’

■ Speaking of tickets, there wasn’t much dissent when the Bruins raised prices (an average of $4 per seat) for next season while we were barely halfway through this 2010-11 season. Yeesh.

■ Wonder if Roger Clemens is monitoring the Barry Bonds perjury trial that opened yesterday in San Francisco? Should be a classic moment when Bonds’s mistress, Kimberly Bell, testifies about Bonds’s shrunken testicles. Liar Barry’s supposed to be staying in a suite on the 16th floor of the Fairmont Hotel in Union Square. Wonder if they have HGH on the room service menu?

■ University of Massachusetts senior shooter Cerie Mosgrove will compete in the 3-point contest at the Final Four in Houston. Cosgrove, a former Needham Rocket, made an NCAA-best 49.7 percent (78 for 157) of shots from international waters this season.

■ Gutless puke Matt Cooke was at it again against the Rangers in Pittsburgh Sunday night. The NHL suspended him yesterday, but what does it say about the Penguins that they keep this guy on their payroll?

■ August is anniversary month for the Red Sox’ righthanded-hitting outfielders. It’ll be 11 years since Mike Cameron ended the longest home game in Mariners history with a walkoff shot at Safeco Field leading off the 19th inning against Boston’s Jeff Fassero. It’ll be 10 years since Darnell McDonald, then an Orioles minor leaguer, lost a 50-yard sprint against racehorse Zippy Chippy.

■ According to the intrepid New York Post, one of Tiger Woods’s new girlfriends is Alyse Lahti Johnston, who played on UNH’s women’s volleyball team in the America East championships in 2007.

■ With Chris Mullin making it into the Basketball Hall of Fame, that means 11 of the 12 members of the 1992 USA Dream Team are enshrined in Springfield. The lone holdout is Christian Laettner, who got the nod as 12th man over Shaquille O’Neal. Laettner made $61 million in a 13-year NBA career, but is best known for his play at Duke.

■ The UConn women won their first NCAA Tournament game, beating Hartford, 75-39. Boring. As always.

■ Broadcasting god Vin Scully will call his 62d Dodgers opener March 31 when Los Angeles plays the world champion San Francisco Giants.

■ We’re into his fifth season in Boston and still no one ever has seen Daisuke Matsuzaka speak to a teammate. Must be lonely.

■ Check out “Money and March Madness’’ a week from today at 9 p.m. on WGBH’s “Frontline.’’

■ Virginia Commonwealth’s two contributions to Boston sports: Gerald Henderson and the Globe’s Celtics beat guy, Julian Benbow.

■ The Red Sox are going to be very well represented in the Major League Baseball Network’s countdown of top 20 games from the last half century.

■ Just when you think he can’t go any lower, Jose Canseco shows up on “Celebrity Apprentice.’’

■Nice choke job by the Knicks last night. The Celtics no doubt would love to play New York in the first round. There cannot be a player more overrated than Carmelo Anthony.

■ If Curt Schilling lived in London, he’d be a regular at one of the podiums in Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner. Schill is now interviewing himself on Twitter. He says Manny Ramirez and Barry Bonds were cheaters. The man needs a megaphone.

■Jermaine O’Neal. Really? Why not just plan on Bill Russell or Robert Parish coming back for the playoffs?

■What’s up with the Bruins power play? They’ve converted 1 of their last 29 opportunities.

■ Brady Gaga was way off the rails in the southern hemisphere. Wonder how Steve Grogan would look wearing one of those Hillary Clinton/Patty Duke headbands?

■ Red Auerbach’s family will be able to auction his memorabilia forever. Nobody collected more stuff than Red. His Boston office, his Washington office, and his Washington home were jammed with mementos. It’ll take them a couple of years just to unload Auerbach’s letter openers. Red gave me a box of Dutch Masters when Sarah Shaughnessy was born during the 1984 playoffs. Today the box is in my office closet, storing batteries. It’s not for sale.

■ Twenty-six years after it was packed in storage, folks at Holy Cross discovered a stained-glass image of Bob Cousy that once graced the walls at the old Basketball Hall of Fame. Plans are being made to display the 10-foot tall, 2 1/2-foot wide window.

Dan Shaughnessy is a Globe columnist. He can be reached at

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