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Pierce takes out the trash talk

Paul Pierce could only laugh upon learning former teammate and current Minnesota guard Ricky Davis recently called Northwest division rival Portland "a pack of roaches." When it was suggested Davis provided possible bulletin board material for the TrailBlazers, Pierce dismissed such a notion and called such trash talk overrated. This led to a philosophical treatise on trash talk by Pierce before tipoff.

"If you're not motivated before the game regardless of what everybody else says, [then that won't do it]," said Pierce. "It doesn't drive me further up or anywhere down. I don't real feed into it. That's for high school. In high school, you have chalkboard talk."

Then, Pierce pleaded innocent when asked about his own trash talking, claiming he did no such thing.

"I'm talking to myself," said Pierce. "I'm my own psychologist."

But when asked who talked the most trash during Celtics practice, Pierce had to admit, "Probably me." The most talkative practices Pierce could recall came when Antoine Walker, Ricky Davis and Gary Payton were on the team at the same time. But being able to talk a lot of trash doesn't necessarily make a good trash talker. According to Pierce, the best trash talkers in the league are those who can back up their banter.

"You've got to back up your trash talk," said Pierce. "That's the key to trash talking. Anybody can be a trash talker. If you back up trash talking all the time, that's what makes you an even better trash talker. . .The best trash talkers are All-Stars. Think about. When Gary Payton was at his best. Michael Jordan. Larry Bird. Charles Barkley. They backed it up."

Pierce mentioned he could be an All-Star trash-talker if he wanted to be, then smiled slyly and said, "I'm a peace maker."

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