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Davis isn't thrown off after being thrown out

WALTHAM -- Ricky Davis was back at practice yesterday. He made a fallaway jumper to beat the shot clock in one of Doc Rivers's last drills of the day, and after it was over, both player and coach minimized Davis's eviction from practice 24 hours earlier.

"No big deal," Rivers said.

"It wasn't that big of a deal," Davis said.

That about covers it.

Rivers showed Davis the door during an open practice Sunday after Davis started complaining a little too loudly and a little too frequently about the calls. In scrimmages, it is the assistant coaches who make the calls, and Rivers said yesterday that Davis "crossed the line."

It was at least the second time since he's been here that Davis was tossed from practice. Last March 16, interim coach John Carroll tossed Davis and Mark Blount. The root of that dispute was Davis's trash talking, to which Blount took exception. At the time, Carroll called it "another day at the office."

This time around, it was just Davis, who otherwise has been on his best behavior this season. He spoke in clipped semi-sentences but was not irked that the banishment was the topic du jour, even if it had happened a day earlier.

"Just out there, having fun," said Davis, who was not available for comment Sunday. "A little too much fun. Got carried away."

And what, pray tell, can make Davis get so carried away in an open practice?

"Just trying to win," he explained. "Winning in trying to do everything I do. Play cards. Whatever it is. Got to win."

Players do get tossed from practice; that's not a news bulletin. But it doesn't happen that often, and it just so happens that the last two times it's happened here (that we know of), Davis has been involved. Asked if he was upset about getting tossed, Davis said that was far from the case. What did he do?

"Took a shower. Go home. Get something to eat. Come back tomorrow. It's over with."

Said Rivers, "I didn't call him or have a meeting or anything like that." (Rivers did have a meeting with Paul Pierce last month after Pierce took exception to getting taken out of a close game against the Bucks in the fourth quarter.)

"Those things happen in practices," Rivers said.

Both watched the Patriots-Colts game and Davis had kind words for the defending Super Bowl champs.

"Those guys are real smooth over there," he said. "You don't see no one complaining. Everybody's happy, it looks like. They come out and take care of business."

Davis came in yesterday and apologized to his teammates, and all was forgiven and forgotten.

"I said something," he said. "Wasn't a real big deal."

Was he at all embarrassed in that he had been tossed at an open practice with plenty of kids in the stands?

"It wasn't all that big of a deal to get embarrassed over," he said. "It's cool. I'm just out there having fun."

Rivers said, "I'm glad he's moved on."

Rivers called yesterday's practice "one of the best we've had" and said the Davis situation may even have contributed to that. He said at the end of the coaches' pre-practice meeting, one assistant inquired as to what was going to happen with Davis. Rivers said his answer was simple: "We'll practice."

They'll practice again today, too.

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