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Doc Rivers chat transcript, 5/27/04

Celtics coach Doc Rivers stopped by to chat about the upcoming NBA Draft and the challenges he'll face in the upcoming season.

Doc Rivers (Moderator)
Hello everyone, glad I could join you. I'd love to have any questions you want to ask. I'm looking forward to this season, we've going to have an active summer and a great training camp. I can't wait to get things started. Fire away with your questions ...
Hi Doc, Welcome!! You and Danny have last say over your own responsibilities, but will you both rely on each other for advice?
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
Yes, we have to ... the making of a great front office allows you to win. If we can get that right, we'll absolutely get everything on the floor right. We share a lot of the same ideas. Hopefully we'll keep sharing and everything will be OK.
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
Sorry for the delay folks, just fixing some tech issues. Keep asking away ...
How do you plan to handle Ricky Davis? Will through-the-legs windmill breakaway slams be outlawed?
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
If he makes em they wont ... I'm going to handle Davis like any other player on the Celtics. Ricky, potentiall, has the chance to be a heck of a ballplayer. He's yet to realize that potential, but it's my job to get him as close as possible to reaching that potential as soon as possible.
How is Raef LaFrentz's rehab going and how do you see him being used next year??? We didn't see the real Raef this past season!!!
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
Raef’s rehab is going great. He’s playing every day now, still working on his knee. He’ll be ready for the start of the season. He’s big, but what’s unusual is that he has a great jumpshot. We can use him to spread the floor because of his unique talents.
Can the draft address some of the weaknesses the C's have with rebounding, transition offense and overall toughness? Many thanks, Hunter
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
Yeah, I think you build through the draft and free agency. The draft is just one component. We can’t address all those problems through the draft, but if we could address one of them I would be very happy.
Doc, how do you feel about potentially having to coach some players just out of high school next year? Is it hard for the veterans and unproven high schoolers to get along in the NBA?
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
I think they can get along, every situation is its own unique situation. I love teaching, I don’t mind that. Obviously if we did draft a high school kid, we would not only draft him for next year but years to come. I’d be willing to work with that situation.
Hello Doc and welcome to Boston. After a rookie season of enormous improvement, what do you think Banks has to learn to become a great PG in the NBA given his tremendous athleticism?
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
He has to learn to play at different speeds and involve his teammates more offensively. I also think he can become one of the better defensive point guards in our league.
Doc, Knowing that it is going to take a few years to develop talent to bring Boston back.What time frame have you, Danny and Wych set ?
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
We don’t have a time frame. I can tell you that I’m an impatient person as far as waiting to win. We are looking to win a lot sooner than later. Each year we have to improve and get better. I don’t think we’re as far off as some people do.
Hey Doc, welcome to Bean Town!!! What are your plans on developing our younger players? Will we see them get more playing time than they have in the past? Good luck with season.
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
Thanks for your support! Yes, the ones who can play will play. I do look at guys like Marcus Banks as a guy who can help us become a better basketball team -- today. I like his potential, he’s got a bright future, along with Jiri and Rickey. We’ve got a good core of young talent for the future.
Doc, Do you think you'll be able to sign any Free Agents ? any if so who would you like to get.
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
There are several free agents I’d love to see in Green. Without naming names, the first thing we’re going to look for is a power player, an agitator, if you will.
Hey Doc.. It's a pleasure having you in boston, 1st .What were you reactions when u got hired by the celtics? 2nd .. Will Pierce be handling this team next season the same way he has the last so years.?
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
First off, the reaction has been great. I love the intensity of the fans. Pierce is a major part of our basketball team and he will continue to be so. My job is to make Paul Pierce even more effective than he’s been in the past.
Doc Rivers (Moderator)
Thanks everyone for joining me, I wish I had time to answer more questions. I appreciate your support and look forward to the intensity of the crowd at the FleetCenter!

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