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And another thing ... the doctor is in

The doctor is in
He's a Hall of Famer known for his basketball expertise. He's also Jim O'Brien's father-in-law, so he has a stake in what has happened to the Celtics. Asked last week during an online chat about Danny Ainge's moves, Dr. Jack Ramsay wrote, "Danny seems intent on the future without thinking of the present. I can't say his future looks especially good, either."

Who was that guy?
The Rockets beat the Cavaliers Wednesday, 90-84, in what coach Jeff Van Gundy said was "by far the best [game] we've played since the All-Star break." The Rockets won thanks to a big fourth-quarter boost from bench-warmer Clarence Weatherspoon, who finished with season highs of 12 points and 9 rebounds. Said the Cavaliers' Jeff McInnis, "I was shocked he was in the game."

Shaq speaks (again)
Shaquille O'Neal wants to be a lot of things -- general manager of the Lakers is one of them. "The general manager we have needs to take notes from me," Shaq said last week, taking a shot at Mitch Kupchak. "It's a fact. Because if I was the general manager, with a team like this, there'd be no problems. No problems with The Diesel, no problems with the Kobester, no problems with the owner. He's the general manager. He's supposed to be the general that manages." Shaq went on to say that former GM Jerry West would not have let it get to this point. "Jerry had a problem with the players, he'd take care of it." Kupchak said he would speak to O'Neal about what he deemed the center's lack of professionalism.

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