Ohio sixth grader dunks in a game

This video was taken at a Washington D.C. basketball tournament between two elementary schools teams. And for the first two seconds of game footage, this looks like a typical group of kids giving it their all. But then the camera pans with an errant pass and we realize that one of these children is not like the others.

That “kid” is 6-foot-2 Shemar Morrow, a sixth grader from Akron, Ohio who not only ferociously dunks on his competition, but also went on to score 53 points in the same game.

That’s impressive, sure, but most sixth graders in the United States are 11- and 12-year-olds. When’s the last time you met a person that age who was also that tall?

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Is it never?

It’s probably never.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Morrow isn’t an exception. It would just make him a rarity—a basketball wunderkind with athletic gifts beyond imagination. And here’s hoping that he turns out to be exactly that.

But in a world where viral videos are not always what they seem, it’s almost easier to be skeptical. After all, two days from now we may found out this was all Jimmy Kimmell’s doing.