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Spring is in the Air, Boston: Scenes From 'Truck Day'

Forget Groundhog Day. This is how we roll... and Phil is never right anyway.

New Englanders know the first real sign of spring is when the Red Sox equipment truck gets packed and paraded down Yawkey Way for the annual run down to Fort Myers.

It's Truck Day.

“I think that it just reflects the passion and energy and enthusiasm that the fans have,” Red Sox executive vice president Charles Steinberg said regarding the Truck Day phenomenon. “They want to come out on a gray day with snow on the ground and snow falling to celebrate the birth of spring.”

Red Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy admitted there’s added pressure with the Patriots having just wrapped up a Super Bowl championship.

“Any time another Boston team gets it done the way we have nine times in the last decade or so there’s a lot of pressure,” Kennedy said. “And a lot of excitement too, it got me fired up for the season.”

Despite the crisp weather and mounds of snow, a hearty gathering of almost a hundred fans were in attendance.

“The worst thing is trying to explain to somebody what Truck Day is,” said Matt Lavallee from Boston. “People ask ‘What are you doing today?’ I’m going to watch equipment being loaded into a truck. This is what separates the casual fan from the hardcore people like us.”

Check out the video above and the stream below for snippets from the Fenway-area festivities on Thursday:

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It's the first sign of spring training when the Red Sox load up the truck to head down to Fort Myers, Fla.Wendy Maeda / Globe Staff

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