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What They Saw: Red Sox Break Down 8th Inning Frenzy

Burke Badenhop couldn't get the tag down on Gregorio Petit at the end of a sloppy sequence that allowed the Astros to tie the game on what originally looked like a routine play. Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe

By Jessica Camerato, Correspondent

BOSTON -- There was one question lingering following the Red Sox' 5-3 loss to the Houston Astros on Friday night: What exactly happened in the eighth inning?

The Red Sox were leading 3-2 when a wild series of events ensued. Marwin Gonzalez hit the ball to shortstop, where Xander Bogaerts opted to make the short throw to get Fowler out running to second instead of the longer throw to first. In spite of the close proximity, Fowler was called safe.

Dustin Pedroia then saw Gregorio Petit was attempting to score and fired a throw to Christian Vazquez at home plate. A running Vazquez was unable to tag Petit and threw it to Burke Badenhop who was covering the plate. Badenhop did not have the ball in his glove and Petit scored the game-tying run.

After the game Bogaerts said he made the throw to second because it was closer, but looking back he could have thrown to first.

“His instincts were to go the short way with the feed to Pedey,” said manager John Farrell.

As for the play at the plate, Vazquez explained he was trying to catch Petit in a rundown when the runner got by him.

“Christian’s aggressive to run him back to third base, his momentum takes him inside the third baseline and gives Petit enough room to elude a tag, and unfortunately that’s the tie ball game in that spot,” said Farrell.

Vazquez called the sequence “a tough play.”

“I tried to do my best,” the 23 year old said.

Farrell had no qualms with the decision making of the young catcher, who was assessed an error for his throw to Badenhop.

“It was an aggressive play,” Farrell said. “His instincts are to run the runner back toward third base, which is what he was doing. This wasn’t an error or a mental error on his part by any means. It was an aggressive athletic play that Petit changed his course and he’s got enough room to get by him.”

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