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Pedro Martinez Interviews Roger Clemens In Epic Scene at Fenway Park

It was a rare lighthearted exchange between two baseball icons.

Two of the all-time great Red Sox hurlers got together at Fenway Park today when Pedro Martinez played the role of reporter and asked Roger Clemens a few questions.

Pedro and Roger are in town along with Nomar Garciaparra to be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame this afternoon.

While Clemens was speaking with reporters, Martinez wandered into the assembled media horde and The Rocket noticed him while talking about some of the great games he pitched in.

"I had a couple good ones against this secret service guy that's standing in front of me," Clemens said. "

That's when Pedro got into the act and began by asking Clemens a question about his mechanics and it took off from there as you can see in the video above.

We'll have more from Pedro, Roger, and Nomar here on Extra Bases coming up.

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