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Jon Lester Describes Last Hug with John Henry As 'Awkward'


Remember the sweet hug between Jon Lester and Red Sox owner John Henry before the lefty headed for Oakland on July 31? Apparently, it wasn't that most smooth bro-hug ever, Jon Lester told WAAF's "The Hill-Man Morning Show."

"A little awkward. It was a weird gig," Lester said. "I was pulling out of the lot, had the truck in drive, went to move and he was just standing next to my car. I didn't know where he came from, didn't see him walk up. He kind of surprised me. So I get out of the truck and I thought he was just coming to shake my hand, and give me a hug and say goodbye. I kind of went in for the hug before he wanted the hug. He pulled me aside. He wanted to talk to me, which I thought was very nice. I appreciate everything he told me. Behind close doors, where there were no photographs or bystanders, we actually shook hands and had kind of a normal hug. But at that time, yeah, it was a little awkward."

Lester also confirmed that there are no hard feelings with the Red Sox, leaving many to speculate that he could return to Boston next season in free agency after the 2014 campaign ends for the A's ace.

"There's no hatred or anything like that," Lester said regarding what was widely considered to be a low-ball offer by the Red Sox in the spring. "Those guys didn't get to own the Boston Red Sox by being stupid and just starting at a point where you kind of laugh at them as far as too high or too low. They know what they're doing and that's how they wanted to start negotiations. But there are no hard feelings behind that."

Editor’s note: John Henry owns and the Boston Globe.

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