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Nine to Know: Red Sox Stats Pack – the Ex-Sox Edition

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The Bill Chuck Files overflow each day with stats, factoids, and observations that are sometimes relevant, sometimes irrelevant, and sometimes simply intriguing. At the start of each Sox series, I will share some of these in my "Nine to Know,” and I hope you will do the same.

While Ex-Sox may sound like a digestive aid, today’s column is simply a look at players who are no longer wearing Boston laundry, but the laundry of other teams.

We start by acknowledging that for the most part the replacement squad, for players who have departed in recent years, haven’t excelled (at least this season). But very few of the players have done really well since they’ve moved on, while most have performed as expected.

However, the lesson that we should all remember is that before you put out your living room furniture in a yard sale, just make sure at the end of the day you have something reliable to sit on.

Seattle Mariners 68-58 (34-26 on the road – Overall team ERA: 2.93) @ Boston Red Sox 56-71 (29-37 at Fenway – Overall team BA: .243)
The last thing the impotent Boston offense needs is to face the Mariners pitching juggernaut. But just remember, on any given day…

Nine to Know: Ex-Sox
1. The centerfielder for the 2007 World Champion Red Sox was Coco Crisp. Coco is an integral part of the Oakland A’s hitting .255 this season with 16 steals in 20 attempts.

2. The centerfielder for the 2013 World Champion Red Sox was Jacoby Ellsbury. Jacoby is not hitting for the power that was expected in Yankee Stadium with only 10 homers, but has hit .275 this season (his lifetime BA is .294) with 34 steals in 39 attempts.

3. Grady Sizemore was the furniture the Sox brought in after the yard sale and it collapsed as they tried to sit on it. Everyone said he needed time to find his legs after missing so much time in previous years with injuries. He landed in Philly and has hit .301 with one homer and one steal.

4. Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a good guy who is not a very good hitter and not a great catcher. But Salty was always working hard and has played a big role in the young Marlins season. He’s only hitting .230 with 11 homers, but the batting average against for his pitchers when he’s behind the plate is .249, about the same as Salvador Perez, Buster Posey and Jonathan Lucroy.

5. This week Scott Atchison, 38, agreed to a one-year extension with the Indians. Atchison will make $900,000 next year with a $1 million club option in 2016. Atchison, who is 6-0 with a 2.86 ERA, a 0.953 WHIP, and a .216 BAA is teased by his teammates about looking like an old guy. Tribe third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall suggested that Atchison would need a colonoscopy before the extension was official.

6. In 2012, the Sox tried Mark Melancon for 41 games in the bullpen. It was an ugly year for him and the team. Over the last two seasons for the Pirates, he is 38-for-47 in save opportunities (81%) with 40 holds. This season he’s 22-26 in save opportunities with 14 holds with a 0.917 WHIP.

7. Jonathan Papelbon was the closer for the 2007 champs and since he has been with Philadelphia he has been more of an irritant than anything else. However, this season he has been outstanding. He has a 1.55 ERA and a miniscule 0.860 WHIP. He’s faced 202 batters and only allowed one homer.

8. The 2013 Red Sox took a huge step towards winning the World Series on August 25, 2012 when they removed the toxicity and salaries of Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford. AGon was the centerpiece of the deal and is hitting .270 for the Dodgers with 17 homers and 83 RBI on his way to his second straight 20 homer/100 RBI season.

9. I still miss Terry Francona and I just hope he can give up chew. Tito, managing the Indians since last season, is 156-132 (.542). His very close friend, John Farrell, over the same time span, is 153-136 (.539).

See you Monday as the Sox head back to Toronto.

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