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What Will the A's Do With 10,000 'La Potencia' T-Shirts to Honor Cespedes?

File under: best laid plans.

"La Potencia" is Spanish for "power" and it's one of the nicknames given to Yoenis Cespedes, the newly acquired Red Sox outfielder.

The Athletics planned to honor Cespedes with a T-shirt giveaway in Oakland this Saturday by handing out 10,000 "La Potencia" T-shirts.


We'll see if these T-shirts find their way to Nicaragua to be paired with the Patriots "19-0" T-shirts from 2008.

Cespedes's other nickname is "El Talento," which stands for... wait for it... "talent."


More on Cespedes:

Susan Slusser and Demian Bulwa of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a terrific piece on Cespedes and his family's struggle to reach the United States after defecting from Cuba.

Also, check out this YouTube video from 2011 entitled "Yoenis Cespedes The Showcace" to see the new Red Sox left fielder working out and playing for the national Cuban team. Cespedes’ handlers released the workout video when he was trying to land a job with a major league club.

My favorite part is watching him jump onto a 45-inch stack of steps at the 6:49 mark.

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