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Self-Indulgent Derek Jeter Commercial Tips Cap to Derek Jeter

If you haven't heard, Derek Jeter is retiring from the Yankees this year after 20 big-league seasons. That news is enough to make grown men from White Plains cry, and it's also a good enough reason for the Jordan brand clothing line which Jeter endorses, to squeeze every bit of commercialism out of the shortstop's (he's Captain, you know) impending retirement.

In an advertisement released Monday ahead of the Major League Baseball All Star Game, Jeter walks up to the plate to face Red Sox lefty Jon Lester. As Jeter digs in, he is feted not only by Lester but the fans in the crowd and assorted regular people and celebrities like Spike Lee and Billy Crystal watching on TV, who all tip their cap to him.

The commercial drips with self-importance, which is pretty much the opposite of the team-first aura Jeter has built his entire career on. It's also at least 10 years behind in its portrayal of Red Sox fans. The Sox fans who tip their cap in the ad look horribly depressed. Sox fans almost universally like and respect Jeter. Why'd you have to make them so sad?

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