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Nine to Know: Red Sox Stats Pack -- Situational Hitting edition


The Bill Chuck Files overflow each day with stats, factoids, and observations that are sometimes relevant, sometimes irrelevant, and sometimes simply intriguing. At the start of each Sox series, I will share some of these in my "Nine to Know,” and I hope you will do the same.

It is hard to get excited about Boston’s chances from this point on in the season. The Sox are behind many teams in the AL East and in the Wild Card hunt. At this point, their best hope would be in the East where it appears that only the first-place team will make the postseason.

I don’t need to tell you that Boston’s problems thus far in 2014 have been at the plate and there is no indication that an end is in sight.

This is a team that is lacking both power and speed, not suited to play big or small ball. It is comprised of a number of veterans whose best days may be behind them and youngsters who are not yet ready to thrive on big league pitching and whose futures are uncertain. The Sox are egalitarian in their inability to hit, struggling against lefties, righties, at home, away, and early and late in the game.

The Sox 2014 future simply does not bode well unless something changes…and soon.

Kansas City (48-46, 26-21 on the road) @ Boston Red Sox (43-52, 23-26 at home)
Boston hit better entering the break, but the Astros are a punching bag. The Royals staff is better and overall KC is a better team and this should be an interesting series.

Nine to Know: Boston’s situational hitting

1. The Red Sox are hitting .246 as a team, 22nd in the majors, and 13th in the AL ahead of the Mariners and Astros. The Red Sox have hit 68 homers tied with the Rangers for 26th in the majors and 13th in AL ahead of only the Royals.
2. The Red Sox are hitting .253 at home, 20th in the majors, and 11th in the AL. Brock Holt is hitting .311, Mike Napoli .277, Dustin Pedroia .266, and David Ortiz .244 at Fenway. Big Papi leads with six home homers.
3. The Red Sox are hitting .251 as a team with runners on base, 21st in the majors, and 12th in the AL ahead of the Twins, Rays, and Astros.
4. The Red Sox are hitting .242 as a team with runners in scoring position, 21st in the majors, and 12th in the AL ahead of the Rays, Twins, and Astros.

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5. Leading off an inning, the Sox are hitting .237 with Mike Napoli hitting .364, Xander Bogaerts .333, Brock Holt .295, but Dustin Pedroia .236, David Ortiz .217, and Daniel Nava .170.
6. In the 1st and 2nd innings combined, the Sox are hitting .239 with a total of nine homers. Jackie Bradley Jr. is hitting .375 and Xander Bogaerts is hitting .291, but (and this is a huge “but” because these guys are up most frequently in the opening innings) Dustin Pedroia is hitting .233, David Ortiz is hitting .178, and Mike Napoli is hitting .150.
7. From the 7th inning on, Brock Holt is hitting .365, Mookie Betts .333, Dustin Pedroia .291, but David Ortiz .238, Jackie Bradley Jr. .186, and Stephen Drew .118.
8. When the Sox are trailing, the Sox are hitting .257 with Brock Holt hitting .348, David Ortiz .317, and Dustin Pedroia .301, but Jackie Bradley Jr. .185 and Stephen Drew .117.
9. Against relievers, the Sox are hitting .239 with 17 homers in 93 games. Brock Holt is hitting .386, Dustin Pedroia .288, and Mike Napoli hitting 268, but David Ortiz is hitting .241, Jackie Bradley Jr. .180, and Stephen Drew .129.

See you Monday as the Sox start a large four-game set in Toronto.