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Jon Lester’s Twitter Gives Hope to Those Wishing for a Red Sox Reunion

Could Jon Lester really comes back to the Red Sox in free agency? Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Are the theories of Jon Lester returning to the Red Sox when his contract expires at the end of this season really so far-fetched?

This guy thinks so, but for those looking for signs of optimism that the lefty could come back to Boston in free agency, here’s an interesting note from social media on Thursday.

After the Red Sox dealt Lester and Jonny Gomes to the A’s, ESPN analyst and Grantland founder Bill Simmons took to Twitter, thanking Lester and wishing him the best in Oakland, but also expressing his belief that the lefthander won’t be out West for long:

Among the thousands of retweets and favorites the Tweet from Simmons received, one was interesting in particular: the official account of Jon Lester himself.

lester twitter.jpg

Now when looking at the other Tweets Lester favorited, it is clear he selected a number of Tweets that were thanking him for his years in Boston and wishing him “good luck,” so that may have been the reason he favorite Simmons’ Tweet, not because of the “Sox 2015” remark.

But there may still be reason for Sox fans to hope, as shown by this news from’s Gordon Edes Thursday evening.

So as Jim Carrey famously said in “Dumb and Dumber”...

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