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Terry Francona Says He May Never Speak to Red Sox Brass Again

John Henry and Terry Francona at Fenway Park in May 2010. Reuters

Former Red Sox manager and current Cleveland Indians skipper Terry Francona is back in Boston today, and the questions still linger about the end of his time in Boston in 2011.

Francona, in an interview on WEEI's "Dale & Holley" show, was asked about the end of his tenure as the Red Sox manager and if his relationship with the Sox brass will improve now that some time has passed.

"I don't know," Francona said. "You hate to carry grudges, I don't think that's very healthy. I also haven't talked to them. I know when I came here last year, Larry [Lucchino] went out of his way to say hello. Larry's funny. Larry, I think, likes a fight. But, saying that, you wake up the next day and he forgets it. I kind of respect that. I always have. The other two guys [John Henry and Tom Werner] I really haven't spoken to, and don't know if I ever will.

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"Just being totally honest, we all make mistakes. And I certainly did. And going through that last September [2011], when we play as bad as we did, as a manager, you need to be held accountable for that. I think I was wide open for criticism because of the way we played."

[Note: Henry owns and the Boston Globe.]

Francona then addressed a Boston Globe report that came out after he left the team that identified the former Sox manager's marital issues and use of pain medication as a concern to the Red Sox during his final season.

"I just didn't appreciate somebody went out of their way to hurt me that I was working with," Francona said. "That will forever stay with me, because I didn't appreciate that."

Francona was asked if there was anything Red Sox ownership could do -- say they're sorry or that they're still looking into the situation --to change his feelings.

"It probably would have a couple of years ago, because that's all I ever really asked them to do is when I talked to John [Henry] the one time," Francona said. "When you tell somebody you're going to call them back, call back. I think the story changed a little bit with time and some of the things that I said, I just wanted them to find out and I didn't ask them to call back. They promised me they'd call me back. I think when you make a promise, you follow through."