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Nine to Know: Sox Stats Pack -- 100 Games to Go


The Bill Chuck Files overflow each day with stats, factoids, and observations that are sometimes relevant, sometimes irrelevant, and sometimes simply intriguing. At the start of each Sox series, I will share some of these in my "Nine to Know,� and I hope you will do the same.

Red Sox (28-34/13-17 on the road) @ Orioles (31-30/12-14 at home)
Well, all I can say is thank goodness Chamberlain couldn�t do the Joba once again. Thanks to David Ortiz, Boston avoided a Detroit sweep and they were the only AL East team to win yesterday and with exactly one hundred games left in the season, and buried in fourth place, that was a good win for the Sox last night. The Sox have never made the postseason in a year they started with fewer than 30 wins in their first 62 games. They were the division champs in 1988 when they started 30-32, so anything can happen. And in 1972, Boston also was 28-34 and finished 85-70 and this season that might be enough to win the AL Least. Last season, the Sox had a number of stretches in which they went 61-39, their best hundred game record last year. That would give the 2014 version 89 wins, just saying.

We spend a lot of time looking at the Sox bats (welcome back, Mike Napoli), we go to the mound today.

Nine to Know: Red Sox pitching
1. Sox pitchers have a .267 batting average against, ranked 28th in the majors. The Orioles .265 BAA is 25th in the majors. Sox starters have a .277 BAA and the pen has a .246 BAA.
2. Sox pitchers have allowed 9+ hits in 34 games this season and the team is 9-25. The Orioles pitchers have allowed 9+ hits in 35 games this season and the team is 14-21. The Sox pitchers have struck out less than 10 batters in 45 games this season and the team is 16-29. Orioles pitchers have struck out less than 10 batters in 54 games this season and the team is 27-27.
3. Boston pitchers have allowed at least one unearned run in 15 games this season and the team is 5-10. Orioles pitchers have allowed at least one unearned run in eight games this season and lost them all.

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4. Arizona starters lead the majors with 18 games in which their pitchers have allowed at least five earned runs. Next, are the Twins with 17, and then the Sox with 16. The Orioles starters have done it 14 times.
5. Brandon McCarthy and Justin Masterson lead the majors with six games each in which they allowed five or more earned runs in a game. Jake Peavy and Ricky Nolasco are next with five games.
6. In a stat that has as much to do with the hitting as the pitching, when allowing at least four runs in a game, the Sox are 6-26.
7. The Sox have allowed 269 runs and scored 253 this season. In innings 1-3, they have been outscored 113-77. In innings 4-6, they have scored 90 and allowed 82. In innings 7-9, they have scored 81 and allowed 66. They've been outscored 8-5 in extras.
8. Sox pitchers have allowed 36 hits on 0-2 counts, tied with the Cardinals for the seventh most in the majors. Sox pitchers have allowed four 0-2 homers.
9. The 67% save rate of the Tigers bullpen is the same as the league average. The Orioles bullpen has a 64% save rate. The Sox pen has saved 78% of their opportunities and Koji Uehara has an ERA of 0.68 and batters are hitting .176 against him

See you Thursday, when the Sox host the Indians.