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Johnny Damon Gets Plunked for 'The Boston Years'

First off, it's hard to believe Johnny Damon is playing in an Old Timer's game.

Damon was part of the festivities at Yankee Stadium yesterday when former New York lefty Graeme Lloyd plunked him in a back with a soft pitch.

"Those are for the Boston years," the Yankees broadcaster chuckled.

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Damon, who was at Fenway last month for the celebration of the 2004 championship Red Sox team, is not quite ready to announce his retirement from the game.

"It feels really good," Damon said according to "It's great to be back in front of these fans. Obviously, I wish I could have played for the Yankees for much longer, but things happen for a reason, you know? I'm at home enjoying my six lovely children and watching my son get ready to do what I've done.

"We were very fortunate to be a Yankee. The fact we would have Yogi Berra walking through the clubhouse, and see Whitey Ford, seeing a lot of guys I did play with, was the special thing. When you get out of the game, you're never really ready. But then when you see these guys – everyone wants to play forever, but the common sense and the ability starts going down – but you keep enjoying the game and you keep rooting for the guys you once played with."

The Red Sox have not played an old timer's game at Fenway since the 80's.