Extra Bases

Itís a Bird! Itís a Plane!...Itís Brock Holt!

Due to his consistent hitting and 110 percent hustle every time he steps onto the field, Brock Holt has nailed down a spot in the Red Sox lineup every night, whether heís playing first; second; third; left field; right field; or, in Tuesdayís case, center field (for the first time in his career mind you).

But the play Holt made to end the top of the third inning against the Twins was nothing short of spectacular.

As Brian Dozier lifted a high fly ball to left, Jonny Gomes came over as if he was sizing it up, but appeared to lose the ball in the twilight.

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Seen in the Sox-Twins telecast on NESN, Stephen Drew frantically tried to point the ball out to Gomes, who had no idea where it was. Holt, who had been tracking the ball the entire time, comes out of nowhere, into the frame, and makes a diving catch to save what had the potential to be an embarrassing triple allowed by the Red Sox if it had fallen in.

As if the phenomenal play wasnít enough, Holt led off the bottom of the inning by scorching a wall-ball double to left; stole third base; then scored on a sacrifice fly by Xander Bogaerts.

Going into Tuesdayís action, Holt was hitting .333 in 147 at bats, with 11 walks bringing his OBP up to .375. Holtís emergence as a lineup mainstay may have been one of the reasons the Sox were able to designate struggling Grady Sizemore for assignment, as Shane Victorino will be returning to Boston soon and Holt is going nowhere.

Check out the play for yourself in the video above from