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Tigers Show Their Stripes After Dressing Down Red Sox


Maybe it's time for the Red Sox to try having a little fun while they're in this free fall?

First, it was Joe Maddon's crew of Rays hipsters dressing up Woodstock-style to travel to Seattle last week. Now the Tigers -- who just finished off a three-game sweep of the Red Sox Sunday night and left town with the best record in baseball -- did some wardrobe bonding of their own right here at Fenway.

After last night's 6-2 drubbing of the Sox, the Tigers changed out of their road uniforms and into Tiger-like Zubaz suits for their trip to Cleveland. It's a move that's been a Tiger tradition for years. Have a look:

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If it makes Red Sox fans feel any better, the Tigers plane did break down and they had to leave town on Monday morning: