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Nine to Know: Red Sox vs. A’s

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The Bill Chuck Files overflow each day with stats, factoids, and observations that are sometimes relevant, sometimes irrelevant, and sometimes simply intriguing. At the start of each Sox series, I will share some of these in my "Nine to Know,” and I hope you will do the same.

So, after the final out in the second game yesterday, the Rays announcers were raving that this was the first day/night doubleheader sweep for Tampa at Fenway and said, “Karma is a…. Well, you know what karma is.” Yeah, don’t be angry with them, sadly they were right. The twin bill that only the Sox wanted proved to be a long, ugly May Day. On the other hand, now both teams are 13-16. Now, it’s time for the A’s who have the best record in the AL, but are 5-5 in their last 10, yet still12-4 on the road.

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Nine to Know: Red Sox (13-16) versus A’s (18-10)

1. In April, Mike Napoli led the majors with a .447 BA (21-47) with the bases empty, while Jackie Bradley Jr. had the fewest hits in the majors with the bases empty with just 4 in 46 PA. He did have 10 walks.

2. The Sox pitchers lead the AL East with a 3.87 ERA, with the starters having the best ERA at 4.19 and the relievers the best at 3.25. Oakland’s pitchers lead the AL West with a 2.78 ERA, with the starters having the best ERA at 2.85 and the relievers the best at 2.65.

3. In April, Junichi Tazawa (who allowed the tying run in game two yesterday) and Koji Uehara (who allowed the winning run in game two yesterday) combined to pitch 20 innings, facing 84 batters and they each walked just one batter.

4. John Lackey leads Boston pitchers with 27 strikeouts at home, followed by Jake Peavy’s 21. They’ve each have made four starts to lead the team.

5. Clay Buchholz' 16.20 ERA at Fenway was the worst ERA of any MLB starter with at least two starts at home in April.

6. Of the 19 times the Sox have had a runner on first and a double was hit, the runner ended up at third 16 times and scored only three times.

7. The Sox stolen base rate of 56 percent (9-of-16) is second worst in the majors (the Mariners, 47 percent). Oakland’s SB rate is 90 percent (19-of-21), the best in baseball.

8. Grady Sizemore is in a 4-for-40 swoon.

9. You remember Coco Crisp (.278, 7-for-7 in steals), Jed Lowrie (.286, 20 BB), Brandon Moss (.264, 19 RBI), Nick Punto (.208, 4.29 P/PA), Josh Reddick (.241, 22 Ks)? Yeah, me too. They are five of the 226 players who played for both the Sox and A’s.

See you Tuesday when the Reds come into town.