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Stars and Stripes Jacket Worn By Jonny Gomes At The White House Is Now Up For Auction

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Try this on for size: You can become the proud owner of the brazen blazer that Jonny Gomes wore to the White House when the Red Sox were honored by President Obama.

The famous jacket, which has since been autographed by 30 Red Sox players and coaches, is now up for auction on with the majority of the proceeds from the sale going to benefit the Travis Roy Foundation.

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Gomes said the president approved his wardrobe choice after the ceremony in on April 1.

"He approved," Gomes said. "He made sure to tell me he liked it and he thanked me for his and the team signing it and he definitely approved. He made sure, he looked me right in the eyes 'nice jacket.' Just a true great opportunity to share this with all the teammates as well as all the people behind the scenes. We shared a lot of failure, a lot of success but to really cap it off here at the White House is pretty special."


Gomes then went on to speak about his penchant for patriotism in general.

"I'm a pretty patriotic person, you know," he said. "Whether it's my outfit or what I stand for so I didn't want to be too much of a distraction. I hope it's not but just true blessed for my freedom and everything that the flag stands for."

The auction runs through May 4 and bids have already crossed the $2,000 mark.