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Ellsbury's Not Worried About Fenway Reception: 'I Gave The Organization Everything I Had'

Former Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury was cool, calm, and collected when he met with the media before his first return to Fenway Park as a member of the Yankees.

"I've always said, it's something I'm not going to worry about because it's out of my hands," Ellsbury said. "I gave the organization everything I had for nine years in the organization, seven years in the big leagues, drafted by them, left everything on the field. Played as hard as I could. I appreciated the fans, the support they gave me over the years. They were great to me, and it's nice to see the teammates but I think when I look back, just the fans, how they treated me in my time here, really remember that. And then I think of the world championships."

Johnny Damon was famously booed upon his return to Fenway in 2006 after leaving the Red Sox to sign with the Yankees. But those were different times and circumstances. And Ellsbury realizes what he can and can't control.

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"I haven't really thought about the reception too much because it's out of my hands," Ellsbury said. "I can't do anything about it. In baseball, there's only certain things you can control, over my career I think I've done a good job of that, controlling what I can control."

Ellsbury was asked if he might tip his cap, or wave to acknowledge the Fenway Faithful.

"It's probably what type of reception you get right?" Ellsbury opined. "Like I said, all my memories are positive. I can't say enough about the championships. Those are special. Great teams, teammates, the lifelong friendships I've made with guys in this organization."