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Ask Nick: Could Carl Crawford need surgery?

Posted by Matt Pepin, Boston.com Staff  May 31, 2012 02:26 PM

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Whatever happened to Bobby Jenks?
Joe, Holiday, Fla.

All I've been told is he's not doing very well, personally or physically. The team says very little about him. He was supposed to be rehabbing in Fort Myers, but not sure he's even there anymore.

With the numbers that the Sox' 20-million plus first baseman is putting up, why has there been so little negative press about his total lack of production relative to other team members. If he keeps it up, he'll make the Carl Crawford of 2011 seem like a bargain.
Stanley, West Hartford, Conn.
Because I think he's a proven commodity and his numbers will be there, as they were last season. Carl Crawford performed way below his normal production.

Why doesn't Ortiz practice bunting down the third base line to keep the opponents honest with their shift? A sure hit will continue rallies, especially if they have a bunt and run going.
Karr, Miami, Fla.
Suppose he could, and he has tried that before. Do we really want David Ortiz bunting?

You say David Ortiz should get a two-year contract. Why? He is the most overpaid DH in the AL.
David, Marlborough, Mass.
Not sure what you're watching, but I think he's the Red Sox' most dangerous hitter. Yeah, he deserves a two-year deal.

What player from last year's team -- not that there was much success there -- do the Sox miss most this year? I'm only asking about players no longer with team, not players on the DL. My pick right now might be Josh Reddick.
George, Bethlehem, Pa.
I think you're always going to miss someone of Papelbon's stature. Aceves has been very good, but he's already blown three saves and we're not out of May. I think you're right about Reddick. I mean, he would have played, especially with all of the injuries, if he were here, but in Oakland there's no pressure. As for Bailey, I think if Aceves is still a successful closer, Bailey works out of the bullpen as a set-up guy.

I hear many comments on how to improve the starting rotation like pitch count, falling behind early, changing delivery (Bard), eating chicken, grumbling over called strikes, and losing control. My question is where is the pitching coach? I never see him questioned, interviewed or held accountable. Isn't that his job?
Andy, Sandwich, Mass.
Bob McClure is quoted quite a bit. He's always very available to the media. He's new and learning each pitcher. The bullpen has certainly excelled and I'm not sure that we need to harp so much on the starters. They're pitching well, with the exception of Buchholz, and Lester has been inconsistent. Bard is a work in progress and that's going to take all season to figure out. Doubront is coming along nicely. So I'd say McClure is probably helping a pitching staff on the rise.

This year in spring training, the Red Sox had an infielder by the name of Pedro Ciriaco who hit and fielded extremely well. Is he still in the Sox system, and if he is, why isn't he on the team instead of Nick Punto?
Barry, Redford NY
Ciriaco is hitting .304 with seven steals at Pawtucket. He could be a potential call-up if Dustin Pedroia goes on the DL. Ciriaco is a 10-year career minor leaguer so it's going to be tougher for him to prove himself. But he's off to a good start.

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