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Beckett improved, but held out of today's workout

Posted by Peter Abraham, Globe Staff  March 1, 2011 09:23 AM

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FORT MYERS, Fla. ó Josh Beckett arrived at the clubhouse at 8:10 this morning and said he felt much better in the aftermath of his accidental beaning on Monday. But the Red Sox have prohibited from him working out today as he recovers from a concussion.

Beckett was shagging balls in left field during batting practice when coaching assistant Ino Guerrero tried to direct a ball to the bucket behind second base with a fungo bat. The ball instead struck Beckett above the left ear.

"You go through a bunch of different emotions. First youíre pissed because you donít know what happened. Then I tried to walk and I got real dizzy. I kind of took a knee," said Beckett, who was led off the field. "You kind of go through everything. I really didnít even know what happened. I didnít know if I got hit by a ball from another field or what. I had no idea what happened."

Tests revealed a concussion. Beckett was dizzy, had a headache and had trouble navigating stairs. But he said he slept well and felt much better when he awoke. He still has swelling in the area.

"I feel all right. Feeling better today. I feel like I got hit in the head. Iím getting through some of the headache stuff that I had yesterday, which is probably good," he said.

Doctors told Beckett not to go on the field today or watch too much television.

As to when he will work out again?

"Itís all going to be up to them," Beckett said. "Iím definitely better today than I was yesterday. I donít know where we go from here.

Beckett was scheduled to throw in the bullpen today. His scheduled start on Thursday is likely to be pushed back.

"If I have to miss Thursday, I donít think it will be [the following] Wednesday when I pitch. I think it will definitely be before that. If they push me back, they push me back," he said.

Manager Terry Francona said Beckett would have to be cleared by doctors before he can work out again.

"We'll do what's in his best interests. If he can start, good. If he can't, we can either push him back, he can throw a side. The first thing is make sure he can do his activities and it doesn't send him backwards," Francona said.

Beckett was obviously annoyed with Guerrero, who joined the team as Manny Ramirez's batting practice pitcher and has maintained a job since.

"He feels terrible. I didnít want to make things worse," Beckett said. "At first I was pissed. I knew he didnít do it on purpose. Itís one of those deals. Was it stupid? Yes, it was very stupid. I think he realizes that now."

There could be a bright side, however.

"Maybe this will get all the pitchers out of shagging from now on," Beckett said.


Beckett said this was his second concussion. The first came in a fight when he was younger. Francona said he has had four.

"Can't you tell?" he said, laughing.

One came when he stole second and was hit by the throw. The other three were not baseball-related.

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