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Rays rout Red Sox, 14-5

Posted by Peter Abraham, Globe Staff  September 7, 2010 07:04 PM

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Game over: Rays 14, Red Sox 5

Hall and Reddick had singles, but that was it.

Middle of the 9th: Rays 14, Red Sox 5

Coello went from 81.00 to 20.25 by retiring the side in order. Navarro made a terrific play at short on Rocco Baldelli, ranging onto the outfield grass to snag a ball and make a spinning throw. McDonald then made a sliding catch on Brignac.

Top of the 9th: Rays 14, Red Sox 5

Varitek grounded out to end the inning. Coello in for the Sox trying to work on that 81.00 ERA.

Bottom of the 8th: Rays 14, Red Sox 5

No quit in the kids. McDonald led off the inning with a homer to left, No. 9 on the season for him. What a terrific season he has had. Anderson walked and scored on a double to left by Saltalamacchia. Lowrie followed with a double to right that hopped into the stands and that was it for Hellickson.

Dan Wheeler will try and mop up for the Rays. There are two outs in the inning.

Is anybody still reading this?

Middle of the 8th: Rays 14, Red Sox 2

Congrats to Red Sox pitcher of the month Michael Bowden who just threw two scoreless innings.

Top of the 8th: Rays 14, Red Sox 2

Here are the updated orders for each team:

Reddick CF
McDonald RF
Navarro SS
Anderson 1B
Saltalamacchia DH
Patterson LF
Lowrie 2B
Varitek C
Halll 3B
Bowden RHP

Hellickson RHP
Brignac SS
Rodriguez 2B
Hawpe 1B
Aybar 3B
Joyce RF
Johnson LF
Navarro C
Jennings CF

Middle of the 7th: Rays 14, Red Sox 2

If they allowed beer in the press box, I'd raise a pint to Michael Bowden for having the side in order.

Wholesale changes for both teams. Roster expansion dilutes the quality of the game and it's an antiquated rule. Either limit the number of call-ups or have teams designate 25 active players a night.

Top of the 7th: Rays 14, Red Sox 2

Price, who should be embarrassed, walked Navarro and Saltalamacchia (who hit for Ortiz). But Lowell and Lowrie flied to center to end the inning. Price put his glove over the his mouth and cursed as he walked off the mound.

Middle of the 6th: Rays 14, Red Sox 2

Robert Manuel allowed solo homers by Johnson and Upton. Rays have 12 hits, nine for extra bases including five homers. They have scored 14 runs in the last 4 innings and sent 29 men to the plate.

That there are actually people still in the park is a testament to the virtues of nice weather and cold beer.

Top of the 6th: Rays 12, Red Sox 2

The Sox went in order. Then they gave up. Martinez, Drew and Scutaro are out. Navarro, Varitek and Reddick are in. This is the first game for Varitek since June 30.

Why won't they play Saltalamacchia? There's no point in leaving Lowell in.

Middle of the 5th: Rays 12, Red Sox 2

Longoria greeted Manuel by crushing his second pitch off a BU dorm. Or maybe to Cambridge. Hall didn't even move in left field. Pena grounded out to end the inning, drawing a mock cheer from the crowd.

Top of the 5th (still): Rays 9, Red Sox 2

As predicted, Richardson walked the first man he faced, which was Jaso. Zobrist also walked. Crawford followed with a high bouncer to the left side of the mound. Richardson grabbed it and tried to make an off-balance throw. Yep, he threw it away and a run scored.

That's 20 errors for Red Sox pitchers, the most in the majors. The Yankees have nine as do the Rays.

Here comes Robert Manuel.

Top of the 5th: Rays 8, Red Sox 2

Dice-K got two outs. Then Upton singled and stole second before Bartlett homered into the Monster Seats. That's it for Matsuzaka, who allowed eight runs on eight hits (six for extra bases) in 4.2 innings. Just brutal.

Now comes Dustin Richardson. Get ready for him to walk the first guy he faces. That's his trademark.

Top of the 5th: Rays 6, Red Sox 2

The Red Sox came firing back ... oh, wait. No. Lowell popped to the catcher, Lowrie popped to right and Drew hit a weak grounded to first.

Middle of the 4th: Rays 6, Red Sox 2

You have to admire Daisuke Matsuzaka for stinking the joint up to make sure that his teammate Clay Buchholz isn't foolishly pitched on three days' rest tomorrow night. What a guy.

Here's how that inning went:

Joyce: walk
Johnson: walk
Upton: Bunted and Dice-K threw late to third.

(The Red Sox have wretched bunt defense. They never seem to know what to do.)

Bartlett: walked to force in a run

(Yes, he walked the No. 9 hitter with the bases loaded.)

Jaso: struck out
Zobrist: RBI single to left.

(Dice-K, who should have been backing up the throw to the plate, inexplicably cut the throw off in front of the plate. I've covered baseball games at every level from Little League on up since I was 16 and never once saw a pitcher cut off a throw like that. Never.)

Crawford: Two-run double down the first-base line. Poor Lowell had no chance. Crawford is 3 for 3 with three doubles.

Longoria: struck out.
Pena: Popped to second

Down four runs to Price with this lineup? Sayonara.

By the way, the Red Sox have walked in six runs since Sunday. Today is Tuesday.

Top of the 4th: Rays 2, Red Sox 2

McDonald walked with one out and stole second. He's 9 for 10 on steals this season and is tied with Dustin Pedroia for the team lead.

Martinez dumped a soft single into right. McDonald had to hold up to see if it would be caught and advanced only to third. Beltre hit a chopper back to the mound. McDonald, who was moving on contract, was caught off the bag by Price. The pitcher made the textbook play by running right at the runner and making him pick a direction. Ortiz then grounded to third.

Middle of the 3rd: Rays 2, Red Sox 2

Dice-K has yet to allow a single through three innings. But he has given given three doubles and a home run and not a one was cheap.

Jaso started the inning with a double down the line in left. Zobrist followed with a home run over the wall in center and into the bleachers. No. 9 for him. Crawford then lined a double off the wall in left, just at the top of the scoreboard.

But Longoria struck out and Pena popped to second to end the inning.

What's not to love about Crawford? If the Red Sox went to the mattresses to get him, nobody could complain. The guy is a heck of a player.

Longoria is 15 of 62 (.242) against the Sox this season with two homers and seven RBIs. He destroyed them to the tune of 25 of 72 (.347) with eight homers and 27 RBIs last season. He had a 1.208 against the Sox last season and it's at .745 this year.

Top of the 3rd: Red Sox 2, Rays 0

Price has set down six straight after the VMart double. As was mentioned earlier today, this is his first game pitching at Fenway Park and he was very excited about it. I haven't spent a lot of time around Price, but did get a chance to talk to him for a feature story I did during the 2008 playoffs and he seems like a level-headed guy.

Middle of the 2nd: Red Sox 2, Rays 0

Dice-K retired the side in order.

Top of the 2nd: Red Sox 2, Rays 0

Scutaro led off with a grounder to first that Pena booted. McDonald then drew a walk. Martinez followed with a high fly ball to left than just glanced the wall on its way down. Scutaro scored and McDonald followed.

Great base-running by D-Mac, who had to wait at second to see what the ball was going to do. Great send by Tim Bogar, too.

VMart now has 10 RBIs in his last 13 games and 21 in his last 25. He just owns the Rays and always has. He's 12 of 32 against them this season.

The Sox had a chance for more but Beltre popped to right, Ortiz whiffed and Lowell flied to right.

Middle of the 1st: Rays 0, Red Sox 0

Dice-K allowed a two-out double by Crawford then walked Longoria. But Pena popped to left. What a season Pena is having. He's barely above .200 but he has 26 homers and 78 RBIs.

Top of the 1st: Rays 0, Red Sox 0

Good evening from Fenway Park, where it's a beautiful night and lots of seats are empty five minutes before first pitch.

Stick with Extra Bases for updates and feel free to leave your comments.

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