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Ellsbury likely out for the season

Posted by Peter Abraham, Globe Staff  August 18, 2010 04:02 PM

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Jacoby Ellsbury said he was examined in California and re-broke the rib in his back.

He spoke briefly, answered one question, then walked away.

His full statement: "It's a broken rib in the back, broken in the exact same place I broke them before. Let's see ... yeah, basically, when I come back I'll be, you know, stronger than ever when I do come back. Um ... thank you."

Will you come back [this season]? "We're not sure yet. Thanks guys."

More to come on this.

UPDATE, 4:19 p.m.: Terry Francona offered a somewhat hard-to-follow explanation, saying the injury is in the same area but that it wasn't clear whether it was a new break or a re-injury.

At best Ellsbury is out 4-6 weeks and that's essentially the rest of the season.

Francona said he did not know whether Ellsbury would stay with the team.

UPDATE, 5:33 p.m.: Francona's exact take:

"Jacoby was seen by Dr. [Lewis] Yocum yesterday, took the red-eye home, which everybody already knows. I actually got a chance to talk to Dr. Yocum this morning, probably about 11 with [head athletic trainer] Mike Reinold and Dr. Yocum said that he's got a broken rib. It's going to need to heal, and I said, 'Can you try and explain it to a layman?' And he said, 'The only way you're going to know the answers that you're asking are if he had a scan every day.' That's obviously not realistic. He said, 'It really doesn't matter. It's broken and he needs to let it heal.'

"My instincts tell me the kid was probably a little more sore than he was letting on. Probably for obvious reasons. He wanted to play and he was catching some heat from a lot of you and all you tough guys (laughs). He's probably a little more tender. Maybe he was more susceptible. Maybe he wasn't. Nobody really knows.

"That's pretty consistent with what [team medical director] Tom [Gill] said and what Dr. Yocum said...it's broken and it's gotta heal."

A timetable?

"I don't know if it is realistic. We'll see. I think our main objective now is let this thing heal. Kid's had a tough year, a pretty unfortunate year. We gotta let it heal. I guess, I don't think anybody would write off the season. May not happen. We need to be prepared for that. If something good happens, good. Right now our main goal has to be letting this kid get better."

What is the injury?

"Well, it's the same area. Again, I don't know, there's a lot of, we've been through a lot. The area was calcifying, callousing or calcified. If I don't have the right word, it's my mistake. It showed a lot of healing. It also showed a line. Both doctors said there's no way to know when unless you do it every day. Again, to come back, you don't do that. Unless you do it in the morning, you're not going to know. It doesn't really matter anyway. It's broken and it's gotta heal."

Francona was asked to clarify what he meant by the doctors not being sure.

"He did it the other day [in Texas]. He got hurt the other day," he said. "They can't pinpoint. Was it weak? Was it completely healed? Was it a new one? I was trying to explain that unless you do a scan every morning you can't know that."

Francona was asked whether Dr. Yocum told him it was a new injury or a re-injury of the rib that was previously broken.

"I was as honest as I could be," he said. "Said he landed on it. I don't know what else to tell you. I'm not a doctor. I told you what I said. I just gave you my answer. I can't make something up."

Francona was asked if the doctors gave him a timetable as to when Ellsbury could return.

"No, you know what? No. Maybe, I think, and again, Iíve had so many updates today and I need to be right when I say this. I think 4-6 weeks, is, youíre looking at a minimum. So, thatís why when I say the season, youíre looking at the beginning of October potentially. So thatís kind of where, you know, weíre probably going to have to catch a break here."

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