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Teixeira roundup

Posted by Steve Silva, Boston.com Staff  December 24, 2008 11:00 AM

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Read 'em and weep if you must, but here's the New York tabloid roundup of the Teixeira sweepstakes won by the Yankees.


Daily News

Mike Lupica says it would have been ridiculous for the Yankees not to go after Mark Teixeira with their lopsided financial advantage, and writes about New York's failure to develop their own talent:

Maybe now they have finally spent enough money, after eight years of the greatest financial advantage in the history of professional sports, to finally buy back the World Series.

If not, Manny Ramirez is still out there. You can never be too sure. The last time the Yankees were sure they had put the Red Sox away by getting the hitter the Red Sox wanted was with Alex Rodriguez nearly five years ago. ...

Cashman talks constantly about a farm system that is supposed to start producing young talent any day now. Just not today. Never today. Developing young talent is something the riffraff are supposed to have to do. The Yankees write checks and want to be carried around the room for keeping their payroll at around $200 million when nobody else in baseball is close. It must have been a hardship in the old days, winning with guys such as Brosius and O'Neill.

The total outlay of new Yankee money spent in the last two baseball winters is now nearly $800 million. ... You cannot do this in professional football, as much as owners such as Jerry Jones would like to. You cannot do this in the NBA, because even when teams such as the Knicks go wildly over the salary cap, they aren't out-spending the competition the way the Yankees do, year after year after year. Again: There is no sport where one team, if it has the resources, can attempt to buy this sort of edge.

Bill Madden writes that once again the Evil Empire has trumped the Red Sox for a high-profile player, and now Manny Ramirez could be facing a limited market:

Say what you want about the Steinbrenners being baseball's Evil Empire - as Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino so famously put it after they out-maneuvered the Sox for pitcher Jose Contreras in a similarly stealth manner five winters ago - but nobody can say they don't put their money back into their team. They are moving into a new stadium next year, charging exorbitant amounts of money for a lot of the seats there and, unlike the San Diego Padres and Pittsburgh Pirates, they are doing what they can to make sure their fans get their money's worth.

It would be nice if the Yankees had done as good a job as the Red Sox in developing their own so all this crazy free-agent spending wouldn't have been necessary. But they haven't. Not by a long shot. And even after bagging the three biggest free agents on the market, there are still no guarantees the Yankees go back to the postseason next year.

For now, they and everyone in else in baseball should at least take satisfaction that Boras, for once, didn't get near the number he had sought for his premium free agent. And in the process, he lost the one team that could potentially have generated the very limited market for his second high-profile client, Manny Ramirez.


New York Post

In Joel Sherman's column today, he writes about the huge contracts the Yankees have been handing out and how similar this offseason was for them compared to the 2004-05 offseason, when the Bombers decided not to sign Carlos Beltran, another switch-hitter and top defender represented by Scott Boras:

If you are angry about this, especially considering our worldwide economic plight, then know you will be joined by 29 other teams and the commissioner's office.

The bus always gets crowded at Yankee-hating time.

But the Yankees had reasons for this decision beyond simply having the money to do it. For them it came down to remembering Carlos Beltran vs. Johnny Damon, and forecasting Teixeira vs. Matt Holliday.

Sherman also has more followup on the Teixeira signing and what it means for the Yankees in his blog entry today.

Kevin Kernan has old friend Johnny Damon chiming in on the Teixeira signing while the Red Sox are speechless:

Yes, the Yankees have money and they spend it. There's nothing wrong with that, but at least now they are spending it the right way, building a baseball team. The Yankees' corners are set for the next eight years with Teixeira at first and Alex Rodriguez at third base.

"The Yankees are spending their money in a good way," Johnny Damon said. "It's amazing, we've gotten three of the top four guys so far." ...

The Red Sox desperately wanted Teixeira. Their "baseball people" were trying to get owner John Henry back in the action after the Red Sox pulled out. Red Sox president Larry Lucchino usually is talkative, but when reached he immediately offered a "no comment." He then apologized but said he had nothing to say on the matter.

The Red Sox are speechless.

Mike Puma writes that the Yankees stole Teixeira right from under the noses of the Red Sox:

That's going to leave a Mark.

In a flurry of 11th-hour negotiations yesterday, Yankees GM Brian Cashman not only added another notch to his belt by landing Mark Teixeira, he used that belt to swat Red Sox Nation square across the fanny.



Wallace Matthews writes about the "shameless shopping spree the Yankees have been on this month":

For them, it's always a bull market, money is plentiful, credit is readily available and cheap, and the World Series is not something to be played but purchased. ...

The times, they are a'changin'. But the Yankees? Not a bit.

Once again, they remind us that they don't really want to compete, they want to be coronated. Just hand them the rings now, because on paper, they can't lose. George Steinbrenner may be out of the loop, but his philosophy of winning is alive and well.

When the going gets tough, the tough go free-agent shopping. Forget about scouting, or player development, or even making a trade. See it, buy it and let the market be damned.

Kat O'Brien talks to a scout
who says the Teixeira signing puts the Yankees ahead of the Red Sox:

One scout said yesterday that adding Teixeira puts the Yankees ahead of Boston, noting: "That really thwarted the Red Sox. He's a real run-producer and an outstanding defensive first baseman, maybe the best defensive first baseman in baseball."

Neil Best has the Yankees spending raising eyebrows during a down economy.

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