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Edes trade deadline Q&A

Posted by David Lefort, Boston.com Staff  July 31, 2008 12:25 PM

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Here's our trade deadline Q&A with the Globe's Gordon Edes that took place between 11:30 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.

Gordon Edes: Hi everyone....Thanks for taking the time to commune with me, although I'm warning you right now, you may come away from this as frustrated as I am right now, because I don't have any definitive answers. This thing is still very fluid. The word is that the teams are still pushing to get this done. It has NOT gotten to commissioner Bud Selig, who has to sign off on the money, contrary to some reports out there, though the commissioner has certainly been kept apprised of what is happening. I'm hearing some pessimism out of the Sox side this a.m., although I remind you as of late yesterday afternoon, I was told there was slim chance of anything big happening. So that's where we stand.

cammma: In this deal with Florida the Sox are giving up a propect? Any ideas who this would be?

Gordon Edes: Cammma, There is so much conflicting info floating around out there. To me, it's hard to believe the Sox would have to give up a prospect if they're giving up Manny and eating most, if not all, of the money, too. The top prospects IMO would have to come from the Marlins side. There was one version of the story that said Jack Wilson would be in the deal as well and the Sox would be giving up Lowrie, but I have gotten NO confirmation of that

korea: do you think Jason Bay is eligible to fill #4 spot in the boston lineup?

Gordon Edes: I think Bay is a nice player and could well hit in the No. 4 hole, but I think Tito might consider other options as well, so as not to put a ton of pressure on the guy right out of the chute. Lowell or Youks could also hit out of the 4 hole

SOX_IN_VA: Gordo...this whole Manny thing seems like another well-played Boras game. Why isn't anyone talking about this? Why else would Manny hire him when he potentially has 2 years left on a contract?

Gordon Edes: I don't know the exact nature of why Manny abandoned Legacy Sports for Scott, though Jeff Moorad, who negotiated the original deal with the Sox, now is the general partner of the D-Backs so Manny felt no particular loyalty to Greg Genske. It's true that Scott stands to profit most if Sox don't exercise the option, but I don't see how Manny forcing the Sox hand now helps Scott's bargaining position much more than if Manny told the team after the season he didn't want to come back. If anything, his acting up now might scare away some potential employers. BTW, I was just told that Manny has not yet been asked for his permission to OK the deal, so nothing has been done yet.

bones: Can we trade the guy already? I would think if his teammates really want him to say, someone would have said something by now. Like Papi...

Gordon Edes: Bones, I think you make a valid point. Because of this Manny thing, the Sox lost whatever immediate bounce they would have gotten from David's return, and David has noticeably ducked having to answer any questions regarding Manny. You could see that Jason was choosing his words carefully last night, and a lot of guys in the clubhouse are just tired of the act. In 2006, when Manny stopped playing, some teammates thought he quit on them, too, but many folks thought that was just a media invention.

FreddietheP: What is the reality of this trade happening and what roadblocks do you see keeping it from going through?

Gordon Edes: FreddietheP, Hey BTW if I seem slow in answering, I'm fielding calls and e-mails. Sorry. Yesterday afternoon I would have told you forget it. Early last night, maybe. Late last night, it looks like it's happening. This morning the word is pessimism...it's real complicated deal, so while i think it could get done, it could fall apart. how's that for wishy washy

Rice4Hall: Does Manny have to agree to waive no trade clause before the 4 p.m.deadline, or is that something that can be done afterwards?

Gordon Edes: Rice, that's a good question...My belief is that he would have to approve before the 4 o'clock deadline

mm: Gordon, if this trade doesn't take place do you think the two sides are going to be able to co-exist for the rest of the season?

Gordon Edes: That's a great question, mm. Based on past history, the answer would have to be yes. The Sox placed him on irrevocable waivers; he came back and played. They traded him to Texas for A-Rod; he came back and played. They tried to trade him to the Mets' he came back and played. It's in his best interests to put up some numbers if he's going to become a FA, so chances are he'll come back and play.

Alex: If this trade does go down and the Sox only get Bay, will they still make an additional move for say the Braves' Will Ohman?

Gordon Edes: The Sox are definitely talking to clubs about getting a lefty, like Ohman, Ron Mahay and Scott Eyre, but so are a lot of other clubs. They have some reservations about Ohman, in part because the Braves rarely make a mistake when they give up a player.

eclinchy: Gordon, can you give us a number? What are the chances of Manny being dealt?

Gordon Edes: eclinchy, last night I went on NESN and said he wouldn't be traded, and then things got hot and heavy with Florida. I thought the Sox were going to get something done with the Mets a couple of years ago, and that didn't get done. I'll put it at 50-50 at best.

rodfromcranston: Considering the late hour, Jason Bay is about as good as anyone the Sox could hope for. Do you have any reserbations about Bay?

Gordon Edes: Having never seen him play over any length of time, it would be hard for me to offer a personal assessment. The big question with anyone the Sox get is, how will they adapt to playing in this environment. Big difference between playing in Boston and Pittsburgh

CoachJenx: Is there any chance that the Red Sox will acquire a starting pitcher before the deadline?

Gordon Edes: Pray that Bartolo Colon's body doesn't fall apart in the next two months

Gordon Edes: I'd be very surprised. There is very little starting pitching to be had. Greg Maddux, for one, but he doesn't want to leave West Coast.

mgoblue: Any word on JJ Putz?

Gordon Edes: I haven't heard Sox seriously in that mix. With Morrow pitching as well as he is, Putz can be had, but for a price I highly doubt the Sox would pay. Have not heard them as a factor.

Gordon Edes: One thing not to lose sight of--Tampa Bay is still in the mix for Bay, too

Barring-gaffner: Gordon, any truth to the rumors that the Dodgers might be interested in Manny? I think I like the idea of Matt Kemp better than the other scenarios I've heard.

Gordon Edes: The Sox tried to interest the Dodgers, but they weren't biting. They love Matt Kemp. If the Sox wanted Andruw Jones and his $18m salary, sure, but that's not happening

dot_rat: Gordon, what is the hold up with the trade for Jason Bay? I think it is a no brainer...Manny has to leave, if not, he will end up quitting on us again.

Gordon Edes: The Sox don't hold the hammer on this one...The Pirates do. They have to sign off on the package of prospects they'd get back in the three-way.

Ben: Gordon- why get involved with the Pirates at all? why wouldnt the sox just trade manny for hermida and prospects? hermida may not be as good as bay right now, but he is five years younger, he's cheaper, he's under team control for longer, and has a lot more upside than bay. do you think bay is so much better than hermida is right now that hes worth it?

Gordon Edes: Ben, I assure you, there are people in the Sox organization who would take that deal. John Henry, from my understanding, is not one of them. Hermida is a long-term option, doesn't give you enough to win this year.

Red_Sox_22: Do you think the Red Sox will win the World Series without Manny this year?

Gordon Edes: I don't think you can ever safely predict whether a team wins the World Series. Anything can, and often does, happen in a short series. Do I think the Sox will make the playoffs without Manny? I don't know, the bullpen issue remains a volatile one as well...I think Terry Francona is looking for Theo to help him out there. I still believe the Sox outlast the D-Rays and make the tournament; there's little doubt the Yanks have helped themselves and right now the Angels look like the team to beat in the AL.

Bostondotcom: That wraps up today's chat with Gordon ... he's off to make more phone calls on Manny. Keep checking Boston.com all afternoon for the latest on the Manny rumors.

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