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Yankee bandwagon jumping

Posted by Staff  May 29, 2007 12:23 PM

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So it's come to this for Yankees fans.

One now former rooter over the weekend announced she was "divorcing" the New York Yankees due to their losing ways. Here are a few gems from Jane Heller, whose declaration was published in the "Cheering Section" of the New York Times:

  • "The grounds for the divorce will be mental cruelty. I mean, I made a commitment to these guys, emotional and financial, and they betrayed and humiliated me by allowing the Red Sox- the Red Sox! - to run away with the division."

  • "I will tell you how [the Yankees] treated me - as if I were a Kansas City Royals fan."

  • "When, exactly, did I fall out of love with the Yankees? (To clarify: I will always love them, but I am no longer in love with them. There is too much anger, too much baggage between us now.) "

  • "As for the Yankees, if they suddenly start winning and somehow become not only the American League champions this season but the World Series champions, I will take that as a sign that they want me back and I will give them serious consideration.

    It all seems a little hasty. Sure, when times are bad, Red Sox fans are mad at their team as well, but they have a few drinks at the bar with friends to cool down, and still come home and cuddle later. And we're not sure if Heller has grounds for "mental cruelty" -- Game 7 in 2003 still makes Sox fans weep uncontrollably.

    To make matters worse for Yankees fans, the knight in shining armor they've been awaiting, Roger Clemens, apparently won't be battle tested enough to take the ball at Fenway over the weekend.


    The beauty of a lead like the Red Sox currently have on the Yankees (13 1/2 games) is that Boston fans can finally do to Yankees fans what they have been doing to us for years: rub their noses in it -- remind them of the fact that their overpriced, megalithic team has a worse record than the Pittsburgh Pirates and faces the same deficit in the standings as the Kansas City Royals.

    We'd like to invite you to share your favorite ways of reminding your Yankee fan friends just how sorry their team is [click here to post your message]. But be careful: nobody wants to invite bad karma upon the Sox.

    Our opener: "Boy, $195 million sure doesn't buy what it used to."

    Heading into this weekend's series against the Yankees, we'll pick the top 10 responses and let you vote for your favorite.

    --By Ben Gellman-Chomsky

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