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Fans on Theo's side

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff  November 1, 2005 11:31 AM

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Most of the chatter out there from shocked members of Red Sox Nation today is certainly on the side of Theo Epstein. A sampling of how Sox bloggers and Boston.com message board posters are reacting to the news that Epstein walked away from the Red Sox.

"Pathetic. It is pathetic how higher-ups in the Boston Red Sox organization handled Theo Epstein. It is not only Larry Lucchino's fault, it's also Steinberg, and Henry's as well. So far everything that has occurred this off-season has been a nightmare for the Red Sox, and it's only the first of November. The media in this town has made me sick on all levels. From the right winged, old-fashioned views of the morning show on WEEI, to the Globe smear attack on Theo. This is a very bad day for our franchise, and we may be looking at ourselves taking a lot of steps backwards ..."

-- SawxBlog

"It is not a good sign when we can't retain a guy like Theo. He described this job as his 'dream job'. This guy, deservedly so, could have ruled Boston. But he stayed in the background and just continued to do his job. The Yankees might have turmoil at the top with their NY and Tampa people conflicting and The Tampa people using the YES network to jab at the NY people, but at least they retain their talent. How dysfunctional would they appear if they lost Cashman and Torre? How much fun would we have had pointing the finger. Now the fingers are pointing at us."

-- KazanC

"In reality? Well, think about your dream job for a second. What if it's not all it's cracked up to be? What if you have an overbearing boss and mentor that isn't that well liked locally? What if everything you did was put under a microscope? What if you didn't get the money you wanted without a fight? What if you already achieved your highest goal? Would any of that be enough for you to give up your dream job?"

-- Red Sox Diary

"Forget Theo. I am afraid he has grossly overestimated his value to this club. The Red Sox are larger than Mr. Epstein and will continue to field a team that is capable of competing for the World Series championship each year.

Let us not forget, although he was the one getting most the credit for the championship team, he didn't do it alone. I will continue to give my trust and devotion to the man who truly brought a championship back to Boston -- John Henry.

Good luck in Los Angeles, Theo -- you'll need it!"

-- JimMeyers

"Chicago calling for Theo Epstein...calling for Mr. Epstein...Mr. Epstein, please.

The Cubs need your help, Mr. Epstein. You set up the Red Sox to win it all in 2004. The Cubs couldn't do it, in spite of great support from fans everywhere.

Then, this year, the Cubs got hammered in the Windy City by the White Sox. They are all alone out there with not much to show for anything. Perennial losers, they're called. And yet, Chicagoans are nice people. Actually, I love Boston, but the people in Chicago are nicer than the "fellowship of the miserable" bunch, who can't just root for the home team without kicking up sand in everyone's face when they don't win.

Besides, isn't it the Cubs' turn now?

Think about Chicago, Mr. Epstein, where you'll be closer to another Boston hero...Charlie Weis... who's thriving in his new environment."

-- mikebunyak

"In a nutshell, Epstein wanted autonomy from Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino and could not get a no-meddling clause agreed to. So he walked.

"Can you see what is coming next? I can. His name is Manny Ramirez. And Larry Lucchino is going to dump his salary, take the (bottom)-end of a trade and declare it victory, all in order to put his ego-driven stamp over the 2006 Boston Red Sox.

"Bill Stoneman is about to be offered three seasons of a right-handed version of Vladimir Guerrero, and Stoneman is in the position of power in these negotiations, as:

"1. Manny WANTS to come to Anaheim -- he has publicly stated this through his agent.

"2. Manny is a 5/10 player -- he has played ten years in the bigs and 5 with his current club, which creates a de facto no-trade clause. Manny can veto any trade, thereby making the team that he has stated he wants to go to as the ONLY team he will agree to be traded to.

"This is an historic opportunity for the Angels to steal one of the great players in the game. Arte will not even have to give up Ervin Santana or Casey Kotchman. Bill Stoneman can trade peripheral rookie prospects and past-their-prime position players for Manny.

"Manny is now ours for the taking. It is time for Stoneman to play a hand of poker on the way to building a dynasty."

-- Halos Heaven

"As it turns out, Theo didn't need another overbearing father:

"'We were in the playoffs every year," Ortiz said. ''He put the pieces together. They should iron things out with Theo. He's the man, bro."

"That was an opinion shared by many in Boston. Epstein, though, has long considered his twin brother, Paul, a social worker, the real success in the family. The day Epstein was announced as GM his dad, Leslie, said, 'Whatever Theo accomplishes, even if that includes winning the World Series, cannot equal what Paul already has accomplished. He has saved lives.'

"That comment undoubtedly stuck with Epstein, who has indicated that the possibility of taking a year off entirely would allow him to do less glamorous but potentially more fulfilling work."

"Theo's dad is a jerk. When your children accomplish something great, you should be proud of that. Instead, the elder Epstein fuels sibling rivalry? So he's getting, 'Theo, you're not good enough,' from his father and 'Theo, you're not good enough,' from his mentor. It appears the younger Epstein found it necessary to turn one of them off."

-- Baseball Musings

"In the latest development from Peyton Place (I mean Fenway Park), the Boston Red Sox have today asked the City of Boston to change the name of Yawkey Way to Lucchino Lane.

As anticipated here a few days ago, the Red Sox have moved ahead with the franchise's plans to make Lucchino the Center of the Baseball Universe in Boston. At a City Hall press conference this morning, Larry Lucchino explained that he and he alone was the reason that the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series… that it was he who found Theo Epstein and mentored him… that it was he who brought him to Boston… and that it was he who ultimately authorized the Schilling acquisition and the Garciaparra trade…"

-- Sox1Fan.com

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