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November 09, 2005

Ramirez on the outs

By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff

In what could signal the beginning of the end of the Manny Ramirez era in Boston, one marked by fantastic production and maddening incidents, Gregg Genske, Ramirez's agent, met here today with Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino and chairman Tom Werner.

Have not heard yet from LL and Werner, who are busy interviewing GM candidates -- they spent 1 1/2 hours with Jim Bowden and at this moment are interviewing Dayton Moore of the Braves -- but Genske said they agreed to explore trade options together and will do something in the best interests of the team and Manny.

Many would argue--persuasively--that it's in the Sox best interests to keep Manny.

Genske, asked if one option was for Manny to stay, said: "We're not ruling out anything at this point.'' But a player interested in staying probably wouldn't be instructing his agent to explore trade options, either.

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