How the runs scored

August 27, 2011

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RED SOX - Ellsbury doubled to left. Scutaro struck out. Ellsbury stole third. Gonzalez singled to center, scoring Ellsbury. Pedroia flied to right. Ortiz singled to left, moving Gonzalez to second. Lowrie struck out. ONE RUN, THREE HITS, TWO LEFT.

ATHLETICS - Allen doubled to left. DeJesus singled to right, scoring Allen. On Wakefield’s wild pitch, DeJesus moved to second. Suzuki grounded to third, moving DeJesus to third. Pennington singled to right, scoring DeJesus. Sizemore reached on fielder’s choice, first to shortstop, Pennington out. Weeks singled to left, moving Sizemore to second. Crisp lined to shortstop. TWO RUNS, FOUR HITS, TWO LEFT.

ATHLETICS - DeJesus grounded to third. Suzuki walked. Pennington popped to second. Sizemore homered (7) to left. Weeks struck out. Crisp walked, moving Weeks to second. Matsui doubled to center, scoring Weeks and Crisp. Willingham homered (23) to left. Allen safe on third baseman Lowrie’s error. DeJesus grounded to shortstop. SIX RUNS, THREE HITS, ONE ERROR, ONE LEFT.

RED SOX - Pedroia homered (17) to left. Ortiz homered (26) to center. Lowrie grounded to second. Aviles singled to center. Saltalamacchia reached on fielder’s choice, third to second, Aviles out. McDonald flied to right. TWO RUNS, THREE HITS, ONE LEFT.

RED SOX - Ellsbury tripled to left. Scutaro grounded to shortstop, scoring Ellsbury. Gonzalez grounded to second. Pedroia walked. Ortiz struck out. ONE RUN, ONE HIT, ONE LEFT.

ATHLETICS - Allen flied to left. DeJesus grounded to first, pitcher covering. Suzuki singled to left. On Atchison’s wild pitch, Suzuki moved to second. Pennington doubled to left, scoring Suzuki. Sizemore grounded to third. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.

ATHLETICS - Weeks doubled to left. Crisp lined to second. Matsui grounded to third, moving Weeks to third. Willingham walked. Allen doubled to right, scoring Weeks, moving Willingham to third. DeJesus doubled to left, scoring Willingham and Allen. Suzuki singled to center, scoring DeJesus. Pennington struck out. FOUR RUNS, FOUR HITS, ONE LEFT.

ATHLETICS - Sizemore and Weeks walked. Sweeney flied to left. Matsui grounded out, pitcher to second to first, moving Sizemore to third and Weeks to second. Willingham doubled to left, scoring Sizemore and Weeks. Allen grounded to first. TWO RUNS, ONE HIT, ONE LEFT.

RED SOX - Scutaro singled to shortstop. Gonzalez struck out. Pedroia singled to left, moving Scutaro to second. Reddick doubled to right, scoring Scutaro, moving Pedroia to third. Lowrie struck out. Aviles flied to center. ONE RUN, THREE HITS, TWO LEFT.

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