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Former BC linebacker Mark Herzlich would be a great fit on the Patriots’ special teams. Former BC linebacker Mark Herzlich would be a great fit on the Patriots’ special teams. (2010 File/Jim Davis/Globe Staff)
By Bob Ryan
Globe Columnist / July 22, 2011

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Emptying Out the Desk Drawer of the Sports Mind:

Managers Joe Maddon (9) and Terry Francona (6) needed 15 pitchers to negotiate their 1-0, 16-inning game Sunday night. Winning manager Alvin Dark (Giants) and losing skipper Bobby Bragan (Braves) needed just Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn to pitch their 1-0, 16-inning game in 1963.

Welcome to the 21st Century Dept.: I have received e-mails from either enraptured viewers or listeners from New Zealand, Nigeria, and Afghanistan, each of whom followed every pitch of our 16-inning game.

Bud wants the All-Star Game to matter? Then a) play it on Wednesday so all pitchers can go at least one inning; b) reduce the rosters and forget about having a player from each team; and c) tell the managers to play it straight and not worry about any hurt feelings of people who don’t get in the game.

I’m rather curious to see a team from Uganda perform in the Little League World Series. A great story lurks there somewhere.

Will you be the latest to hoot me down for saying that Danish golfer Thomas Bjorn is a solid reminds-me-of for Tommy Lee Jones? To me, it’s pretty obvious.

Can’t wait to see pampered NBA guys come running home to momma after seeing the high school gyms; finding themselves targets of flying objects; experiencing the indoor flares and firecrackers; and watching the bouncing paychecks during their little European venture.

What does Doc know that we don’t know that would prompt him to re-up with the Celtics for five more years?

If I’m Claude Julien, I put a picture of Dustin Pedroia in Brad Marchand’s locker.

If I’m Cam Neely, I hire someone to follow Marchand home after every game. Nice to enjoy a good time, but the kid might love one a bit too much for his own good.

Pedroia is irreplaceable, for sure, but don’t you ever, ever, ever underestimate how good a pure baseball player Kevin Youkilis is.

Must we all resort to passing the hat in our own families and work places for the Patriots to come up with enough money that will Do The Right Thing by Logan Mankins?

Orel Hershiser has been great from Day One, and if Bobby Valentine can curb his instinct to tell us everything he knows about every topic, they can become a great ESPN “Sunday Night Baseball’’ institution.

Phil Mickelson seems to have figured out how to play proper links golf. Unfortunately, it’s about 10 years too late.

As for the golf topic, no, I no longer think Tiger will ever catch Jack.

Still have golf on the brain. I cannot exaggerate how immensely popular Darren Clarke is within the golf community. With this (British) Open championship in the autumn of his career, he is now mentally set for life.

The NHL was so tightly bunched that had they put all 16 playoff teams in a hat and randomly rejiggered the pairings, as many as eight or 10 teams could have won. But none of the others could possibly match our lads in the celebration department.

How lucky are we in Boston? Well, in LA they have the Dodgers/McCourt mess, the ongoing civic embarrassment that is Donald T. Sterling, and NO FOOTBALL TEAM!

Then there’s Cleveland, without a major title of any kind since 1964, during which time we have had occasion to salute 18 champions sprinkled among each of the four major team sports, not to mention nine NCAA hockey titles spread among BU (5), BC (3), and Harvard (1).

Just asking: Would the Dropkick Murphys be one-10th this popular absent the existence of the Boston Red Sox? And don’t they owe a debt of gratitude to former Globe and Herald writer Jeff Horrigan for being an unpaid PR advocate?

You do know that when they finally nail Lance Armstrong his defense will be, “Look at all the money I was able to raise for cancer treatment by being a seven-time Tour de France champion,’’ and then what will we say?

But I will say that after watching more of the Tour these past few weeks someone would be crazy to compete in that thing without drugs.

Speaking of PEDs, as much as I loathe Barry Bonds and pity poor, hapless Roger Clemens, I do not wish either one of them to go to jail. Advice to the government: Give it up and stop wasting our money.

Great point made by my friend Michael Wilbon: “The only thing we’ve missed during the NFL lockout are things that didn’t exist 20 years ago.’’

Seems to me Mark Herzlich would make a great Patriots special teamer, if nothing else. C’mon, Coach Bill, do it for Myra.

Seeing how the Yankees did the night before is always a morning priority. But a close second this year is checking up on the Pirates.

It’s not supposed to matter, but being the Ultimate Good Guy, on top of his eventual 600-plus home run tally, ought to help convince uncertain voters that Jim Thome should be in the Hall of Fame.

And Johnny Damon is slowly getting our voting attention, isn’t he?

There is no bigger waste of money in Western society than naming rights for a sports edifice. No one has ever patronized a bank, bought an insurance policy, booked an airline ticket, or, in Providence, purchased a donut because a company had its name on an arena or stadium. It’s lighting matches to $100,000 bills.

Trot Nixon’s career totals: BA .274, OBP .364, SLG .464, OPS .828. J.D. Drew’s career totals: BA .278, OBP .384, SLG .490, OPS .875. One guy left here making approximately $7 million. The other averages $14 million. Your thoughts?

Bob Ryan is a Globe columnist and host of Globe 10.0 on He can be reached at

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