How the runs scored

June 24, 2009
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NATIONALS - Guzman and Johnson grounded to shortstop. Zimmerman singled to center. Dunn doubled to right, scoring Zimmerman. Willingham grounded to third. ONE RUN TWO HITS, NONE LEFT.

RED SOX - Bay homered (19) to center. Lowell grounded to shortstop. Varitek flied to right. Ellsbury singled to shortstop. Green fouled to first. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.

RED SOX - Bay singled to left. Lowell lined to right. Varitek lined to left. Ellsbury tripled to center, scoring Bay. Green was intentionally walked. Penny grounded to third. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, TWO LEFT.

NATIONALS - Zimmerman singled to left. Dunn struck out. Willingham walked, sending Zimmerman to second. Bard walked, loading the bases On Penny’s wild pitch, Zimmerman scored, Willingham took third and Bard took second. Harris walked. Hernandez grounded into fielder’s choice, forcing Willingham, first to catcher, sending Bard to third and Harris to second. Lannan struck out. ONE RUN, ONE HIT, THREE LEFT.

RED SOX - Pedroia singled to left. Drew struck out. On Lannan’s wild pitch, Pedroia took second. Youkilis singled to left, scoring Pedroia. Bay flied to center. Lowell singled to left, sending Youkilis to second. Varitek grounded into fielder’s choice, forcing Lowell, shortstop to second. ONE RUN, THREE HITS, TWO LEFT.

NATIONALS - Dunn struck out. Willingham popped to right. Bard singled to right. Harris doubled to right, scoring Bard. Delcarmen relieved Penny. Hernandez flied to right. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.

RED SOX - Drew struck out. Gonzalez in as second baseman. Tavarez relieved Lannan. Youkilis safe on third baseman Zimmerman’s throwing error. Bay singled to left, sending Youkilis to third. Lowell was intentionally walked, loading the bases. Varitek hit a sacrifice fly to left, scoring Youkilis. Villone relieved Tavarez. Ellsbury walked, sending Bay to third and Lowell to second. Green lined out to center fielder W.Harris. ONE RUN, ONE HIT, ONE ERROR, THREE LEFT.

RED SOX - Baldelli pinch hit for Okajima and singled to left. Wells relieved Villone. Pedroia lined to center. Drew walked, sending Baldelli to second. Youkilis walked, loading the bases. Colome relieved Wells. Bay singled to left, scoring Baldelli and Drew and sending Youkilis to second. Lowell flied to center. Varitek singled to left, scoring Youkilis and sending Bay to third. Ellsbury tripled to right, scoring Bay and Varitek. Green singled to left, scoring Ellsbury. Baldelli grounded into fielder’s choice, forcing Green shortstop to second. SIX RUNS, FIVE HITS, ONE LEFT.

RED SOX - Hanrahan pitching. Pedroia doubled to right. Kotsay pinch hit for Saito and flied to right. Youkilis doubled to left, scoring Pedroia. Bay struck out. Lowell grounded to third. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.

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