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Governor fouls off questions on home team

Fortunately, he's running the state, not the Nation.

Governor Deval Patrick, in a brief exchange with local reporters yesterday, showed that he is not exactly the most tuned-in Red Sox fan.

Speaking before TV cameras and reporters after making a friendly World Series wager with Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado (surprise: lobster vs. steak), Patrick took a few questions.

Any predictions?

"Yeah, we will win," the governor said.

He did not elaborate.

In how many games?

"Don't know."

Any advice for Terry Francona? Patrick declined to respond.

Is he, a Chicago native, a longtime Sox fan?

"I like the game," he said. "I mean, everybody's a Sox fan this time of year, and we've been a part of Red Sox Nation a long, long time now. So this is exciting."

And his favorite players?

"Oh, I like them all," Patrick began.

Apparently realizing that this would not do, he quickly added, "I mean, Big Papi, he's a pretty special - he's a pretty special contributor. Manny has been fantastic in this last, uh, in this last series. I've been excited about the rookie who's come up."

What's his name, now?

"You know what his name is," he said, hesitating. "Is it Ellsbury?"

Or did he mean Dustin Pedroia, the other star rookie?

"Him, too."

So, would it be fair to say the governor has not been following the ball games so closely?

"I follow them close enough," Patrick said blithely. "Especially this time of year."


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