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Dan Shaughnessy Red Sox chat transcript

Thursday Oct. 18, 2007
Brian_W___Guest_Is there any chance the Torre decision is being delayed to await some soothing schadenfreude of a Red Sox elimination?
Dan_ShaughnessyI think he will be gone and I think they will wait until the end of the world series while is what the commish wants them to do.
surferdcDan, Would you sit JD Drew in favor of Jacoby Ellsbury?
Dan_ShaughnessyNot tonight with Sabathia (lefty) going.
11th_Hour__Guest_ Assuming Curt Schilling's only 2007 postseason starts end up being the two we've already seen, will he be back with the Sox in spring training? Also: Will you ever bury the hatchet with Curt? You two have been at each other for years, and I think the feud strikes most of Red Sox Nation as pretty juvenile. I guess only time will tell.
Dan_ShaughnessyNo Schilling in spring training. in my view, his new stuff just is not worth the gamble -- plus he's 41, too heavy, and hasn't won ten games in two of last three seasons. As for "feud" I call him a blowhard because he is one. Doesn't make him a bad guy. have given credit where credit is due. Thanks for asking.
Doug__Guest_ If the Sox' season ends in this series with Crisp still struggling and Ellsbury still sitting, do you think Francona's long honeymoon will finally be over? He has always been unpopular with a loud, mostly nutty minority of fans. But I wonder if his maddening faith in Crisp this postseason will wind up costing him the support of huge numbers of rational-minded fans, as well -- people who have been generally happy with the manager until now. Seems to me he's stubbornly squandering a lot of goodwill
Dan_ShaughnessyOne thing you gotta give him credit for is that he knows his team better than we do and that he makes the players want to play for him. plus, his instincts (sticking with Bellhorn in '04) has usually been correct.
jimp__Guest_Just wondering if you like the new format of the playoffs, with all these days off, and do you think it helps or hurts the Sox.
Dan_ShaughnessyHate the off day this week. Too much time in Cleveland and it kills the momentum of the series. Not a fan of it.
Bosox07__Guest_What about batting Ellsbury lead off and moving Pedroia to 7th. Pedroia may find his stroke down in the order....less pressure. If Pedroia gets hot its like having a leadoff hitter in two spots.
Dan_ShaughnessySounds good vs. any of their righty starters.
booyah__Guest_I'm concerned that rain may come after a couple of innings, giving enough of a delay that Beckett wouldn't come back out. Hypothetical situation, I hope, but have you ever seen a situation where a reliever is used to start when rain is predicted, with the starter held back until after the rain delay? Or would the whole game simply be delayed until the rain has died down enough to get 5 or 6 innings in?
Dan_ShaughnessyYou are giving this a lot of thought. I don't see that scenario, but a delay would not be good for either starter, obviously.
Keep_Lowell__Guest_Is Jason Varitek simply losing confidence at the plate? He seems to let first-pitch called strikes fluster him, swings at pitches a foot out of the zone, and can't buy a hit with runners in scoring position and less than two outs.
Dan_ShaughnessyHe looked like that at the end of last year and again in spring training. still, he hit a home run in this series and there's no option now anyway.
Shookman__Guest_Why do you feel that the Boston Media is making what Manny said yesterday a big deal? I feel as though if you listen to the WHOLE interview that what Manny said about waiting until next year isn't what the Media is making of it.
Dan_ShaughnessyI agree. I think it looks worse in print than it sounds on audio. and I think this might be a care where a guy working in his second language isn't represented clearly. His Cadillac moment offends me far more than those words yesterday.
juliboy__Guest_Not nervous for tonight, but worried for the rest of the way. What should we expect from Schill & Dice-K if series goes beyond tonight?
Dan_ShaughnessyI wouldn't dismiss tonight so casually. Game 6 matchup is troublesome. I don't see Schill fooling this lineup with his stuff and Carmona is do for a good one. game 7 -- could be Wakefield instead of Daisuke. Short leash in either event. no one feels good about the Dice man in game 7 right now.
bigpapi__Guest_Things look very bleak for the Sox right now, this isn't 04 and recently acquired players seem to be up tight trying to force things a bit as they have been underperforming with huge salaries that don't match. Whoever made the decisions to spend the last couple hundred million dollars could be on the chopping block, what's your take on this.
Dan_ShaughnessyThat's all theo and I don't see John Henry getting rid of his favorite son. In Theo's defense, the team won 96 -- tops in baseball with Cleveland. but he's gone thru a lot of money to get there.
Mike_from_New_Beige__Guest_Dan, after studying the subject, Bill James wrote in 1997 in his Guide to Baseball Managers that most managers become ineffective after three years, basically because they become settled in and set in their ways, avoiding the risks they may have taken as a newbie out of fear of disrespecting the players. Has Tito hit the Bill James wall?
Dan_ShaughnessyCertainly a possibility, but this season is still alive and he could win a second championship in four years still.
ben__Guest_Do agree that the lack of hitting from the bottom of the order has been the real culprit for the slide the last few games, having an offense that is clicking sets the tone for the team and puts more pressure on the other team to swing at bad pitches and get outside of the game plan - particularly against a guy like Wake.
bigpapi__Guest_Does Dice-K have the physical or mental power and strength to pitch to the big leaguers in the US - after all the media hype all I can say is - WHAT THE H#LL HAPPENED!!!
Dan_ShaughnessyWe're all wondering what's going on in this postseason. his upside is still high and 15 wins and 200 innings is a good rookie year, but not finishing the fifth in two playoff games and his nibbling and high pitch count is a major concern for him if he gets the ball again. he certainly appears discouraged, but we're not getting many words.
CrazyGuy__Guest_Why wouldn't the Sox drop Gagne from the roster with an injury and use Matt Clement to start tonight?
Dan_ShaughnessyCan't do that once series starts. and you can't be serious about clement.
SoxSleeper__Guest_What are the Sox chances of winning tonight?
Dan_Shaughnessy50-50. Their guy is pretty good and overdue.
TJ177MMIIs Dave Magadan on the hot seat with how the bats have performed in Games 2, 3, and 4?
Dan_ShaughnessyDoubt it. Only been here one year.
Timber__Guest_Manny being Manny or a player who's defeated? The vibe from the last two games feels a lot like his commentary.
Dan_ShaughnessyHe's having a great series at the plate and his teammates are accustomed to the nonsense.
SoxFanSouthAfrica__Guest_Dan, with the layout of the rotation as it is, are the Sox truly depending upon Daisuke Matsuzaka to pitch a potential game seven? I realize the mentality is not to think about such a game yet, but this guy throws way too many pitches and exposes the weak back-end of the bullpen if they have to patch together 5 innings of relief. Is Lester an option?, he seemed to get important left--handed outs
Dan_ShaughnessyI think they'd go with Wakefield if not Dice-K.
Timber__Guest_Who's gone from the team if the Red Sox lose tonight?
Dan_ShaughnessySchilling, Mirabelli, Timlin. Maybe wake. Maybe Manny and Coco. Lowell, unfortunately.
OilCan__Guest_Hey Dan, does the dismal performance of nearly the entire pitching staff surprise you? Secondly, doesn't Elsbury deserve one start in the playoffs?
Dan_ShaughnessyYes. They never had three straight games of sub.-five innings this year.
Dan_ShaughnessyI'd like Ellsbury vs. any of the righties.
Bosox07__Guest_What do you think about putting Ellsbury at leadoff and batting Pedroia at 7th? Gives us 2 leadoff guys and may take some pressure off Dustin.
Dan_ShaughnessyAnswered above.
Hopeful__Guest_In your opinion, is the risk of playing Jacoby Ellsbury more than the reward?
Dan_ShaughnessyNo risk. He's ready.
Scooby_Doo__Guest_Do you have any insight on how the players feel about their chances tonight?
Dan_ShaughnessyNo. But these guys don't panic.
Palm_Coast_Rick__Guest_There was a lot of talk regarding out clauses in Drew's contract if he failed to meet certain Power numbers. Are these real and do we know what they are and would the Sox invoke them?
Dan_ShaughnessyDon't know about that.
boatsboston__Guest_Dan, Why is Francona being so stubborn and refusing to play Ellsbury? He is the spark that got us through September and enabled us to win the division. Sit Coco and play the kid.
Dan_ShaughnessyI just think it might be too late and again, a start against a lefty like Sabbathia is not a good way to break the kid into the playoffs.
Phil_the_dentist__Guest_Are the Sox waiting to extend Francona's contract so they negotiate with Torre if he gets fired.
Dan_ShaughnessyDoubt it. They wait in Tito because they can.
boston_bound__Guest_ Hey what would you do in an attempt to get a Spark in this team, I know Keilty has good #'s Against CC but aren't those all from 3-4 years ago when CC was just a Thrower?? I believe that you need to get Jacoby in there somewhere he seems to be a a player that has handled the bigs so far. It just doesn't seem like the team has the, I don't want to say Heart but I kinda have to, there is no Emotion out there?? Does J.D. even care ??? What would you do to Spark this Team???
Dan_ShaughnessyLosing teams always look dead-ass. Plenty of spark in games one and the first five innings of game two. remember?
bostondotcom__Guest_How does the weather look for tonight's game? Do you think we will get it in?
Dan_ShaughnessyGloomy, but I bet they play. TV, you know.
Rotundo__Guest_Hi Dan, how "optional" are optional workouts? And why wasn't Coco Crisp there...he could use the work.
Dan_ShaughnessyTt's an individual thing. Truly optional.
Creighton__Guest_Dan, thanks for your insights and commentary, but I have to disagree on Terry and Manny. For better or worse, they helped get this team to the ALCS and Manny in particular has so far had a great ALCS, plus my interpretation of his actions and words is that he loves to play baseball in front of a big crowd. While you can always second guess a manager down 3-1, I seriously doubt that his decisions have caused this downslide. Moreover, I think he's done a good job of getting the team ready. At some point, I think the players have to do their part.
Dan_ShaughnessyAnd thank you for your thoughts.
pm__Guest_Dan, why are people trying to blame Theo or Terry for the Sox being down 3-1. Isn't it possible that the Indians are just playing better ball than the Sox right now?
cody__Guest_Hey Dan, if we get to a Game 7 do you do with Dice-K or bring Beckett back on 2 or 3 days?
Dan_ShaughnessyNo way on Beckett (two days). I'm saying Dice-K or wake with a quick hook ready.
Boston_Matt__Guest_A lot of people are down on Terry for not starting Beckett over Wake but I think it was a great decision. With Beckett going tonight it gives the sox a legitimate chance to bring this back to Fenway where Shilling should be able to step up once again and force a game &. As we all know Game 7's are a toss up. What do you think.?
Dan_ShaughnessyI wanted Beckett three times in this series. 1-4-7
boatsboston__Guest_Drew can't hit lefties either.
Dan_ShaughnessyTrue, but it's not fair to Ellsbury to break him in this way and Drew's defense is strong.
Win-in-7__Guest_Dan, if Boston wins tonight, how do you see the rest of the series shaping up?
Dan_ShaughnessyMomentum and Fenway would be on their side, but I like Carmona more than Schilling in Game 6.
Spencer__Guest_After watching 2 games at Cleveland, I feel their fans are more into it. Even watching the game I felt the presence. Do you feel the high ticket prices at Fenway replaced the Jimmy Fallon at a teacher's salary with an older corporate guy that is at the game because it's the trendy thing to do since the 80's Celtic team?
Dan_ShaughnessyGood point. I just think Sox fans have gotten a little spoiled and entitled.
pam_in__Guest_This isn't the '04 team, and while i'd like nothing better than for the '07 boys to keep winning, how does the team get remade in '08 to improve? Who goes and who gets brought in to make this team better?
Dan_ShaughnessyOoh. Too much question there. rotation could look pretty good with Beckett, Dice, Lester and Buchholz at the top. I still think they'll go for A-Rod if he's out there.
b_laubs__Guest_Dan, thanks for coming online, can you describe the feelings and the air that appears to floating around the Sox right now? How does it compare to 2004 when they down against the Yanks?
Dan_ShaughnessyNo Millar, Damon, Pedro, Lowe goofiness. no Yankees, either. this is different
soxcpa__Guest_Love your column, why do you think tito is so stubborn and reluctant to start Ellsbury?
Dan_ShaughnessyLoyalty. Remember Bellhorn in '04? It worked that time.
iconic__Guest_So who going to be traded in the offseason which officially starts after the game tonight? Lugo, Crisp or Drew?
Dan_ShaughnessyDrew is not movable. Crisp most likely to be dealt.
dover1261__Guest_Hi Dan, do you think the time off hurts the Rockies' chance, or do you think that's overblown?
Dan_ShaughnessyCan't help. when you're winning like that you want to keep playing.
Phil__Guest_ Do you think we should be playing Tom Brady in right tonight? The guy is just on fire!
Dan_ShaughnessyThanks, Phil. On that note, I'm out. Enjoy the game tonight everybody.
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