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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Tuesday July 31, 2007
Jon__Guest_Gordo, please tell me the Sox are not going to include Manny Delcarmen in any trade...he has the chance to become a premier set-up guy!
Gordon_EdesHey everyone...High noon and we're still waiting word. Jon, I've been told by the Sox that they are not parting with Delcarmen. If anyone goes in the Dye deal, it's more likely to be Craig Hansen. Interesting aside: The Sox earlier this spring were talking to the Rockies about a deal for Delcarmen in exchange for a Triple-A starter--I believe it was Jorge DePaula--but the Sox took Delcarmen off the table. Since then, he's pitched very well, so I think he figures very much in their plans
stanpapi__Guest_Would adding J.D. Drew to the Willy Mo Mix and YES, eating his contract, be a consideration? (They cut their losses with Edgar Rent-a-wreck)
Gordon_EdesThat kind of thing isn't the type of move you ordinarily would see at the trading deadline. Not many teams are in position to take on that kind of salary without a lot of talk and planning beforehand. And Sox aren't quitting on Drew yet.
RS-DOrtiz__Guest_Gordon, have been a big fan of your work; What is your philosophy about trading out top prospects ; do you believe you go for it this year or do you also have to think about the future? I always say go for it now since you don't know what is going to happen in the future like injuries.
Gordon_EdesThat's the extraordinary balancing act Theo is faced with each year. What you hope for is that you have the kind of depth in your organization that allows you to trade some prospects in order to compete now, while keeping the pieces you see as vital to your future. At some point, it would not shock me to see the Red Sox take a step backward--maybe even a big one--concede that they're not going to win in a given year--and sacrifice a season for the future, and a more balanced payroll. But they're not there now. They are rapidly getting to the point, however, of having pieces that other teams want, while still being able to hold onto their best prospects--Buchholz, Ellsbury, Masterson, Bowden
bigjoe__Guest_Do you think the Red Sox will make any deals today?
Gordon_EdesWell, bigjoe, they've already made one, sending Joel Pineiro to the Cards for a player to be named later. obviously, you're looking for bigger than that. I think the Dye deal definitely has a chance of happening, Gagne less so
BostondotcomSorry to interrupt all ... got a little breaking trade news, according to a report on The Dodgers and Yankees have agreed in principle on a trade that would send reliever Scott Proctor to the Dodgers for infielder Wilson Betemit, undentified sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney.
dldtrinity__Guest_Hi Gordon. Quick question concerning Pap's arm and the Sox pursuit of Gagne. Peter King of SI in his weekly column this week threw out the question that no one really wants to here and that is, "Is there anything wrong with Pap's shoulder?" Could this the motivating factor for the sox to chase after Gagne?
Gordon_EdesThere isn't a football guy alive who follows the Sox as closely as PK. He's a huge Sox fan. And it is striking that Paps has pitched just five innings since the All-Star break. We all know the Sox have been very careful with Paps this season, but he has not even hinted to me of any concerns. I do think the Sox see Gagne as great insurance for a few concerns they have in the pen--Timlin and Donnelly, to name two, as well as protection for Paps.
nomoredrew__Guest_Gordon - any chance the Sox can eat 35 mil on yet another bad Epstein contract and give Drew to Chicago for Dye?
Gordon_EdesNomoredrew, No that ain't happening. But to address the news that the Yankees just sent Proctor to the Dodgers for Betemit, that could be a sign that the Yanks may be closing in on Gagne.
Cking__Guest_Do you think bringing in Jermaine Dye and or Eric Gagne is a good idea, messing with a teams chemistry is never a good thing?
Gordon_EdesCking, Dye and Gagne are considered two of the better guys in the game. I think they would be more than welcome in the Sox clubhouse. Better chemistry through winning, that seems to be an abiding principle in the game.
WAKEFIELDFAN49__Guest_Hey Gordon, trade deadline is always fun huh? Just a quick question about next years team. Is there a chance that we might be seeing A-Rod AND Mike Lowell on the left side of the infield? I realize we would need to find a new home for Lugo (the White Sox come to mind) but if he continues to play well, it might be easier to unload him in the off-season. Your thoughts? Thanks again!!
Gordon_EdesWakefan, I'm just glad the deadline is at 4 p.m., not 2 a.m. No, I can't see that happening. It will be an either/or proposition, or possibly a neither one. I think the Sox are pretty happy with the way Lugo is playing now. A pursuit of A-Rod is the great X factor...I think the Yankees are going to keep him, in the end
Ben__Guest_Hi Gordon. Great work this week, thanks for keeping us posted.... Question on Dye-- if he continues on his current paces for the rest of the year, do you have a guess as to whether he would be a compensation-worthy free agent? Based on the formula I'd expect his monster year last year would help but I don't know exactly where he ranks among OFs. I'd have to think this enters into the Sox' thinking-- big difference between the guy being a two-month rental or a rental plus the ticket to a high draft pick or two. Thanks!
Gordon_EdesBen, that's a great question....I haven't done the necessary research yet, but given his performance in '06, I'd have to believe he'd be a Type A. I'll fire off a quick e-mail to someone who would know, and if I hear back from them before the end of the chat, I'll share their answer.
UpstateNewYorker__Guest_While I wouldn't mind seeing Kason Gabbord traded while he has value (I'm unconvinced of his value to the Sox long-term), are the Sox brass convinced that Schilling is going to be a significant contributor down the strectch? I'd hate to see him traded only to find we're a starter short....(see Bronson Arroyo)
Gordon_EdesSorry, I was checking a couple of things. No, UNY, I think the Sox are convinced that Schilling will make a strong contribution down the stretch. His last rehab start, incidentally, is tonight.
mattKlement__Guest_With Manny leaving after next season, and Crisp still here, what do you think we do with Jacoby Ellsbury and Coco Crisp in the future?
Gordon_EdesMK, so you're assuming the Sox won't pick up the option years on Manny's contract? I don't think they will, either. I think it's possible Coco's trade value will never be higher than it will be after this season, given the quality of defense he has played and the way he's recovered at the plate, so I imagine the Sox will listen to offers. To keep both Ellsbury and Coco, they'd have to ratchet up the power production at another position--hello, A-Rod (a real longshot). As usual, I think it's going to be another off-season full of intrigue
RN__Guest_Gordon........what are you hearing?
Gordon_EdesRN, I keep jumping off the chat to check my e-mails. Quiet at the moment. I did talk with Dye's agent 45 minutes ago--did I tell you guys this already?--and he said he hasn't had any discussions in the last 72 hours with anyone over whether Dye would waive his no-trade to come to Boston.
FanFromVa__Guest_Any talk about Chad Cordero or Joe Nathan?
Gordon_EdesThe Twins aren't moving Joe Nathan. The Nats are asking too much for Cordero, and I'm not sure the Sox are as high on him as some other clubs.
Big_Daddy__Guest_David Ortiz power loss is extremely drastic. The player claims it is his non plant, right knee, the team says nothing and he runs faster than ever HGH has got to be a possibility here any news on that possibility?
Gordon_EdesBig-Daddy, I hear such speculation all the time. In the absence of evidence, it would be extremely reckless of me to engage in that kind of speculation. Ortiz has been vehement in stating his opposition to the use of performance enhancing substances. His body type has changed very little in recent years. He is a victim of the age he lives in--there will be speculation about any slugger who came up in The Steroid Era. He says his knee has been an issue, that he has been pitched differently, etc. It would be unjust of me to muse in the media along the lines you suggest.
hibricc__Guest_Hey Gordon.... Saw you riding the elevator up to the press box at a game a few weeks ago, and it got me wondering what it's like to be a member of the media AND a celebrity (sorry, there's no denying it when you're on NESN every day). And do your colleagues in other cities have the same experience? Thanks!
Gordon_EdesI hope you said hello if you saw me on the elevator. I think it's a source of amusement to people like Tito and others in the Sox clubhouse that we're as recognizable as we are. The business has changed drastically since I first started, with reporters working on multi-media platforms. Let's not lose sight of who the real celebrities are here, and I'm not engaged in an exercise in false modesty here. I am first and foremost a reporter, a print reporter, and we're here to tell other people's stories, not our own.
dancingnancyHey Gordon. Why aren't the Sox willing to part with Masterson and/or Delcarmen in the Dye deal? Granted, Dye is strictly a short term solution, but Masterson is one of their second tier pitching prospects, and their major league bullpen is the best in the game.
Gordon_EdesDancing N, I wouldn't be so quick to place Masterson in the second-tier level of prospects. Have you looked at his numbers since his promotion to Double-A? 4-0, 1.04 ERA. That's big-time. If Dye was a long-term acquisition, then maybe, but because of his pending free agency, we're talking a rental situation here
Trop__Guest_Is Griffey going anywhere?
Gordon_EdesTrop, From everything I hear, no, he's staying put
Dewey_DC__Guest_Thanks for your great work keeping us informed - from podcasts to articles to chats! As for my question, what's your sense of JD Drew in the clubhouse? Of course he's no Millar-type, but is he a quiet leader, or just quiet, or something else entirely?
Gordon_EdesDewey, I think he's just quiet, even more so than Nomar was. He pretty much stays to himself.
San_Diego_Sox_Fan__Guest_Hey Gordon, you keep us updated well on the West Coast. Any word as to who the Sox have offered to the White Sox in addition to Pena that Kenny Williams is pondering?
Gordon_EdesI think Jayson Stark of ESPN was dead-on this morning when he said the Sox were willing to part with Craig Hansen instead of Delcarmen.
Dominic__Guest_Do the Sox know something they aren't saying about Ortiz's knee that is prompting a move for dye, or will this simply give them one more player to rotate around the OF, 1st, and DH? Do this Sox anticipate a large enough lead late in the season to be able to rest many guys often and necessitate having Dye?
Gordon_EdesDominic, you may be onto something, because when Dye's name first surfaced, the Sox seemed more interested in a right-handed bat who could play CF, and Dye has been exclusively a RF in recent years. Since then, which coincides with Ortiz's drop in production, the Sox interest in Dye has picked up. Since neither Papi or Drew are hitting lefties this season, Dye's bat becomes even more appealing.
Terpfan__Guest_Gordon, with Mike Timlin ailing are you hearing of any other relievers on Theo's radar besides Eric Gagne?
Gordon_EdesGagne is the only name I have heard, Terpfan, in the last 24 hours, but it would not surprise me in the least if there is a backup plan. as of last night, Gagne was the only guy I know of that they had made an offer for.
Blake__Guest_Is the trade deadline really 4pm? I have seen other deals in the past manifest well after the 4pm deadline. Thank you
Gordon_EdesIt really and truly is 4 p.m., Blake. The GMs stay fresher that way, not to mention we hacks.
DrewInVenice__Guest_What do you think about the Garnett trade Gordo? Too much to give up?
Gordon_EdesIf Jackie MacMullan sez it's a good trade, it is a good trade, though Ray Allen at 32 with bad ankles and Garnett, at 31 after years of banging, give me pause. We're all going to miss young Mr. Jefferson
GMofTheYear__Guest_Are the Sox being quiet on the Donnelly front because they don't want the annoncement to hinder their chances at picking up a reliever? In your opinion is Donnelly done for the year?
Gordon_EdesGMO, I think Donnelly's status the rest of the season is highly uncertain, to say the least. Other teams know that
craighansen__Guest_Gordon, am I going to be traded today? What do the Sox have in store for me? I feel like the forgotten man. If they trade me, is it Cla Meredith all over again?
Gordon_EdesCraig, I'd keep an overnight bag handy, though I think you should be happy with the way you're pitching lately.
maineiac_2__Guest_Do you think its safe to say we've watched WMP play his last game in a sox uniform?
Gordon_EdesIt depends on whether the Dye deal gets done, Maimeiac. But it would seem WMP's days are clearly numbered. He's a sweetheart of a guy, just can't hit a slider, at least not as a part-timer
MichiganSoxFan2204__Guest_You mentioned that Dye's agent has "complete trust in Theo and Tito". Is he tipping his cap?
Gordon_EdesMSF, I think that's a pretty fair reading of the tea leaves, but I wouldn't run too far with that. It seems like the decision is all in Kenny Williams's hands right now
epenley__Guest_Gordo, if the Sox had to include either Lester or Masterson in a Gagne or Dye deal, who would they rather hold on to?
Gordon_EdesInteresting hypothetical, epenley, but I think their answer would be "No" in either case.
RedSox_Fan_in_maine__Guest_Will the Red Sox make a trade no sees coming, like for a young catcher since both Jason and Doug are getting up there in age?
Gordon_EdesRSFIM, if that happens, you're right, no one saw it coming in advance,. I haven't heard of anything pending
Dan_from_Newburyport__Guest_Hey Gordo, You must be ready for some sleep? I am on a personal mission to get Saltalamaccia in Red Sox. Now that the Rangers have aquired him (seemingly), do you think that the Sox could make a play for them in the offseason with a coouple of their stockpiled pitchers. Let's face it, every year there are multiple high prospect pitchers but we are barren in the catching position. I would love to get him here while Tek is here for some education from a real pro.
Gordon_EdesdFN, Your mission is perfectly understandable, but I can't see the Rangers turning around and unloading Salty unless the Sox were willing to give up their best prospects. Salty is the centerpiece of the Teixeira deal for Texas. But there's no question catching has to be a priority here.
Alex_3__Guest_Gordon, are the Red Sox still pursuing Reggie Sanders and Bobby Kielty as 4th OF options, or are they 100% focused on Jermaine Dye at the moment?
Gordon_EdesA-3, the focus is on Dye. I was told no on Sanders, maybe on Kielty.
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